Athletics Advising

Academic Advising for Student-Athletes

DU student-athletes follow the University academic advising procedures used by all students. SAAS staff work alongside the Office of the Registrar to assist student-athletes by monitoring their degree progress and eligibility status according to University and NCAA requirements. SAAS also works with campus advisors to assist student-athletes with course selection appropriate to their practice and competition schedules. All student-athletes are ultimately responsible for completing the requirements that will lead to a degree, and are required to meet NCAA eligibility guidelines. Student-athletes are required to meet with their primary academic advisors each quarter to ensure these requirements are being met.

First Year

The University of Denver utilizes a multi-tiered system of academic advising. Your athletics academic advisor is one of several advisors you will meet with during your time at DU. First-year students are advised by either their FSEM professor or an assigned academic advisor from the Office of Academic Advising. First-year students must meet with their academic advisor each quarter prior to registration. Exploratory students who have not yet chosen a major and students on academic probation also have a primary advisor in the Office of Academic Advising.

Second Year and Beyond

Students in their second year and beyond who have declared a major are assigned an advisor within their major. (Per NCAA regulations and University requirements, student-athletes must declare a major by the beginning of their third year or when they have earned 75 credits, whichever comes first.) This may be a faculty or staff advisor, depending on the academic unit. To find your advisor and make an appointment, login to Inspire. If you're not sure whom to contact about advising in your major, start here.

Graduate Advising

Student-athletes who are graduate students will have an advisor assigned within their academic department. Graduate students must meet with their graduate degree advisor first, and then with their athletics advisor. Find contacts for each graduate program here.

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SAAS Planning Meetings

Each year, student-athletes should schedule a planning meeting with their athletics advisor. At this meeting, a degree plan is developed for new students, or evaluated for returning students, with consideration of NCAA progress requirements. Any new decisions regarding choice of major are discussed as well. Progress toward fulfillment of the University core and major requirements, as well as normal progress toward graduation and preliminary graduation checks, are also addressed in this meeting.

In addition to the yearly meeting, student-athletes should check in with their athletic academic advisors if there is an academic accommodation made due to injury, testing needs, etc.

To best prepare for meetings with athletics academic advisors, we recommend having any questions ready in advance.

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Planning Your Academic Progress

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    Undergraduate Degree Programs and Requirements

    The University Bulletin outlines all requirements for your degree.

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    Major and Minor Requirements

    Get information about the majors, minors, and concentra­tions available within specific degree programs.

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    Degree Audit

    Track the progress you've made toward completing your degree.

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    Academic and Billing Calendars

    Find University dates and deadlines for traditional undergraduate and graduate programs.

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    Transfer Credits

    All credits being transferred from another institution will be reviewed by the Admissions and Registrar's offices.

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    University Academic Standards and Grading Policy

    Please note that incomplete grades do not count toward the 12-hour average student-athletes must complete every quarter to maintain eligibility.

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Athletic Book Scholarship

If you have been awarded an athletic book scholarship, contact your athletics academic advisor to review how to obtain your books for the quarter. All students on athletic book scholarships must return their books at the end of each quarter. Failure to comply with this rule may result in your books not being ordered for the next quarter until the previous quarter's books have been returned.

Course Registration

Please review the Registration Checklist prior to meeting with your athletic or primary academic advisor each quarter.

Find out how to register for courses at the link below.

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Credit Load

A full-time undergraduate student may enroll in 12–19 quarter hours each term. However, the tuition "flat-rate" is set at 12–18 hours; therefore, each quarter hour taken in excess of 18 hours is charged at the current hourly tuition rate. Please be aware, per NCAA regulations, an athletics tuition grant can only cover up to 18 hours of credit; credit hours above 18 must be paid by the student-athlete. All financial information should be confirmed with the athletic finance department.

Dropping/Adding Courses

Should student-athletes need to change their course schedules after classes have started for the quarter, SAAS will work with them to adjust the schedules according to the students' needs. Adjustments may be necessary due to changes in practice schedules, conflicting extra-curricular activities, or failure in a previous prerequisite course. Student-athletes who wish to make schedule changes must meet with their athletic advisors within the first week of classes. Generally, students are not allowed to add classes after the first five class days. Dropping courses without first discussing it with your athletics advisor may result in the loss of athletic eligibility.

Course Attendance and Proctoring Exams

Attendance and Missed Class Days

Student-athletes are responsible for informing their instructors of any class days that will be missed due to participation in athletic events. Student-athletes are provided schedules of travel dates that coincide with class dates to present to their instructors. Travel letters will be provided to student-athletes electronically by their coaches. It is the responsibility of each student-athlete to present this letter to the professor of each class, on the first day of class, each quarter. Please remind your professors each time you need to miss class for an away competition. Student-athletes who reach post-season play will be provided letters to present to their instructors, informing them of additional missed class dates. It is the responsibility of each student-athlete to make arrangements with instructors regarding any missed lectures, assignments, and/or exams.

Proctoring Exams

If you need to miss an exam or quiz due to athletic travel, you must work with your athletic advisor to arrange for the exam to be proctored. Exams and quizzes cannot be proctored while traveling unless an academic advisor or identified athletic administrator is present on the trip and available to proctor the exam, or the exam is proctored by the visiting school's Faculty Athletic Representative or athletic advising office. At the beginning of every quarter, student-athletes must review their class and travel schedules, identify all exams and quizzes that will be affected by travel, and coordinate with their academic advisors, who will make proctoring arrangements with the professors. Student-athletes must initiate this process at least 10 business days prior to each exam date to allow appropriate time for academic advisors and professors to coordinate. Exams that are not proctored while traveling will be administered upon the student-athletes' return to campus, in coordination with their professors.

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Athletic Eligibility Information

Critical information related to athletic eligibility can be found in the Student Athlete Handbook.

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