Learning Outcomes

If you are an undergraduate, graduate, or professional program student at the University of Denver, you are required to fulfill learning outcomes in order to successfully graduate from your program.

Why Learning Outcomes?

These outcomes are designed to ensure students like you leave their programs prepared to achieve independent, specialized, and advanced accomplishments. All University of Denver learning outcomes are derived from our mission and dedication to the Public good.

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Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate students are required to fulfill learning outcomes specific to the University of Denver. These outcomes align with the university's mission and values. They include:

  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Communication
  • Intellectual Engagement and Reflection
  • Engagement with Human Diversity

Check out the Undergraduate Learning Outcomes page for more information

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Common Curriculum Learning Outcomes

In addition to University of Denver's learning outcomes, undergraduate students must complete Common Curriculum learning outcomes. Common Curriculum courses contribute to an intellectually vibrant campus community and create in turn a challenging, inclusive, ethical, and liberating learning environment. They include:

  • First-Year Seminar
  • Writing and Rhetoric
  • Language
  • Ways of Knowing
  • Advanced Seminar

Need more information? Visit our Common Curriculum Learning Outcomes Page

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Graduate Learning Outcomes

Graduate and professional education is inherently different from undergraduate education in that the more basic student learning outcomes of the baccalaureate degree create a foundation upon which students may build independent, specialized, and advanced accomplishments in post-baccalaureate learning. They include:

  • Advanced Theoretical/Disciplinary Knowledge and skills through discovery, application, and expression
  • Professional/Ethical identity, values, and leadership
  • Intercultural and local/global engagement
  • Critical intellectual engagement

Head over to our graduate student learning outcomes page for more information.

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