Student Support Offices & Resources

Supporting DU Students

DU offers many academic and support resources, each aimed to support your success as a student.

More detailed information about the types of academic and support services can be found below.  

Subject-Specific Academic Support

  • The Writing Center

    Get personalized writing help.

    The University Writing Center works with all University of Denver students, staff, and faculty as part of the Writing Program's mission to create and sustain a robust culture of writing on the DU Campus.

    In their free 45-minute consultations, Writing Center staff work with writers individually and in groups to discuss their work and to help them hone their skills and practices, with an eye both on the texts at hand and on the writers' goals and needs.

    The Writing Center is accessible to both online and on-campus students.

  • The Math Center

    Find Math Tutors and Workshops

    The Math Center provides a place to study, to do homework, and to ask questions. Students are encouraged to work with other students in the same class. When they have questions, our assistants will give them hints and will guide them to find the answer. Working in small groups and having discussions with other students is one of the most effective ways to learn mathematics.

    The Math Center offers free, drop-in assistance for Business Calculus, Calculus I, II and III, Elements of College Algebra, and College Algebra and Trigonometry.

  • The Science & Engineering Center

    Receive Help with Science and Engineering Coursework

    The Science and Engineering Center is a collaborative space staffed by undergraduate and graduate learning assistants (LAs) trained to assist students with first and second year biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering lecture and laboratory courses. Our goal is to help students grow as problem solvers by assisting with homework sets, lab reports, and preparing for exams. The Science and Engineering Center is not a one-on-one tutoring center, but is rather a support system where students can get guidance from TAs as well as their peers. This center is open to all DU students. All services are free. Located in the north-west corner of the main floor of the Anderson Academic Commons (west of the writing center).

  • The Center for World Languages and Cultures

    We promote multi-cultural fluency

    The Center for World Languages & Cultures strives to prepare students to advance their skills to better understand and promote understanding of cultural and linguistic differences. To promote engaged learning, teaching, and practice of the world's languages and cultures; to integrate languages and cultures into all disciplines and fields of study; and to build and support interculturally competent communities through the exploration and experience of languages and cultures at the University of Denver with its local and global communities and partners.

    The Center for World Languages & Cultures offers a wide variety of programs and languages to best suit students' unique academic, professional and personal interests. The CWLC additionally offers language tutoring and advising to all students, faculty, and staff.


  • The Research Center in Academic Commons

    Get Individualized Research Help

    The Research Center should be a student's first point of contact for questions about locating books, finding articles on a specific topic, or using electronic resources.

    The reference librarians at University Libraries also offer many instructional opportunities to help the DU community learn about library research. Library instruction sessions are one of the best ways to develop valuable research skills. Students who have the skills to find, evaluate, and use information are more successful in their classes and will be more successful at life-long learning after graduation.

    The Research Center offers expert guidance through the research process:

    • From refining a topic → to finding and evaluating relevant sources → to creating a bibliography.
    • A consultation session can ease anxiety about a project or paper and teach research and evaluation skills for life-long learning.
    • One-on-one research consultations are available to current DU students, faculty, and staff at any stage of the research process.
  • DU Libraries

    We offer research assistance and resources

    The University of Denver Libraries strive to provide outstanding collections and services to the University community. The Anderson Academic Commons brings together the University of Denver's main library and popular Academic Support Services in one convenient location.

    Online students have full access to all library databases and resources.

Other Academic Support

  • Academic Advising

    About Academic Advising

    The mission of the Academic Advising Office is to create an inclusive environment that empowers undergraduate students to successfully transition into college, take ownership over their education, pursue academic interests, engage in learning, and develop a comprehensive network of resources to persist to graduation.

    Academic Advising collaborates with undergraduate students to help you achieve academic success and offers the following services:

    • Major/minor exploration
    • Time management strategies
    • Organizational strategies
    • Developing educational/career goals
    • Evaluating academic progress
    • Identifying campus resources
    • Study strategies
    • Understanding academic policy
    • Taking a leave of absence
    • Petitioning for an academic exception to policy
  • Student Success Coaching

    Improve your collegiate performance

    Student Success Coaching is an opportunity where undergraduate students can meet one-on-one with a trained Student Success Coach to improve their performance in college. The topics they will cover together include: goal setting, time management, stress management, study skills, discovering your strengths, and connecting you to additional resources. All modules are tailored to students' individual goals and needs.

    Academic Advising collaborates with undergraduate students to help you achieve academic success and offers the following Student Success Coaching services:

    • Staying organized
    • Balancing commitments
    • Forming productive study habits
    • Using your strengths
    • Having accountability
    • Understanding your learning style
    • Knowing who to contact to connect with campus resources
  • Student-Athlete Academic Services

    Supporting student-athlete success

  • Career and Professional Development

    Develop your professional skills

    Career & Professional Development is here to help you leverage your academic studies to take the next step in your career. Most of the services are free to all DU students--on-campus or online. It is never too early to start thinking about your career and next steps. Check out to explore the host of services available to you. See below for a snapshot.

    The Career and Professional Development Center provides the following assistance:

    • Advising and coaching on how to take the next step in your career
    • Connections to job fairs and professional development events
    • Interview preparations to help you anticipate questions to impress employers
    • Support in modifying or developing your resume or cover letter
    • Coaching on salary negotiations
    • Online catalog of resources and support services
    • Petitioning for an academic exception to policy
  • Student Disability Services

    Get the support you deserve

  • Learning Effectiveness Program

    Find support as a diverse learner

  • Scholar Development & Fellowship Advising

    Apply for national or international fellowship awards

    The Office of Scholar Development and Fellowship Advising supports students and recent graduates from across the university in their development as scholars through pursuit of nationally and internationally competitive awards. In collaboration with campus and community partners, we engage students through outreach and advising to help them identify and compete for external awards that provide pathways to scholarly, professional, and personal growth.

Health & Wellness

Financial Support

  • Financial Aid

    For Tuition Assistance

    Financial Aid assists students with resources students need to complete the application process, understand financial aid packages and manage unmet costs. Whether a first-time applicant or a soon-to-be DU graduate, Financial Aid staff will assist students every step of the way.

    Financial Aid services and resources include:

    • assistance with financial aid application completion
    • financial aid and scholarship options
    • review of and acceptance of financial aid
    • outlining institutional scholarships, student employment and loan repayment

    Contact Information:

    • Location: University Hall, 2197 S. University Blvd.
    • Phone: 303-871-4020
    • Email:
  • Bursar

    Tuition billing and charges

    The Bursar's Office is responsible for the collection and billing of tuition-related charges and administering Federal Perkins Loans.

    Contact Information:

    • Location: University Hall, 2197 S. University Blvd.
    • Phone: 303-871-4944
    • Email:

Other Student Support