Interterm & Faculty-Led Travel Courses

Interterm Courses

Professor presenting a syllabus to the class on a projector

What is Interterm?

Interterm is the period between quarters in which unique on-campus and travel courses are offered in intensive formats to provide students with an alternative approach to learning.

DU faculty create interterm classes that are academically challenging and involve an experiential component. Most students who experience Interterm courses return for additional opportunities to enhance their experience.

The courses are taken for regular DU credit and at current DU tuition rates. There are two Interterms each year, which are scheduled immediately after the Fall and Winter quarters. Additionally, UAP manages domestic and international travel courses in the regular Summer term.

Students in Peru observing local customs on a sunny day

The Benefits of Interterm Travel

As a DU student, you may find interterm courses attractive for the following reasons:

  • Electives that are distinctive and experiential.
  • Small classes that explore new areas and provoke keen interest.
  • Interaction with DU faculty and highly respected professionals.
  • Intensive courses condense academic work into a few weeks.
  • Travel courses offer educational and multicultural opportunities in exciting locations.
  • Interterm scholarships are available to students who qualify.
  • Interterm courses lighten regular quarterly course loads.
  • Graduation goals are easier to meet by including occasional Interterm courses.