Academic Exceptions

Here, you'll find information on exceptions to academic policies and procedures at the University of Denver. Academic policies define institutional standards and ensure equitable treatment of all students. All students are expected to observe the academic policies and practices of the University set forth in the University Bulletin. However, in instances of documented extraordinary circumstances, a student may request an exception to a policy or practice. If you have additional questions please utilize the contact information below for assistance and clarification.

How the Academic Exceptions Committee Works

The Academic Exceptions Committee considers requests for exceptions to University-wide academic policies affecting students. The academic committee cannot take considerations of convenience, financial cost, or academic standing into the decision.

Exceptions should be submitted within one calendar year after the completion of the quarter in question and must be submitted prior to a student's degree being certified and posted to the transcript.

Steps in the Petition Process

  • The number one

    Submit the required documentation

    A valid petition includes, at minimum, the official online request submission through MyDU, written documentation from the student, and supporting documentation, as appropriate for the petition type. Please be sure you

    Fax your documents in at 303-871-4566 or click the email button below.

    Email Us

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    Check the status of your petition

    To check the status of your petitions and respond to requests by the Committee representatives, please check MyDU regularly. There, you will receive a decision or further request within one week. A student has 45 days from the submittal of a petition to complete the petition's required documentation.

    MyDU Portal

Please Note

  • You will be notified (via MyDU) of the decision within one week of when the request was reviewed.
  • You have 45 days from the initial submission to complete the petition. If at the end of 45 days there are still outstanding documents, the petition will be canceled, and you will need to re-submit a new petition.
  • You may re-petition if there is new documentation that was not reasonably available at the time of the initial decision.

Additional Information