Academic Exceptions

As stated in its Non-Discrimination Statement, the University of Denver prohibits discrimination based on protected characteristics, including discrimination against students with disabilities. Students with disabilities who seek accommodations to fully access the academic exceptions process should promptly contact Student Disability Services to submit a request for such accommodations.

Academic policies define institutional standards and promote equitable treatment of all students. All students are expected to observe the academic policies and practices of the University set forth in the University Bulletin. However, in instances in which a student documents extraordinary circumstances, a student may request an exception to a policy or practice.

The Academic Exceptions Committee is a standing subcommittee of the Undergraduate & Graduate Councils which represents the Councils’ interests as advisory to the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. As chair of the Committee, the Senior Vice Provost appoints its members in a manner that creates a committee with representation from appropriate academic and administrative units.



The Academic Exceptions Committee considers requests for exceptions to University-wide academic policies affecting students. This is an academic committee that cannot take considerations of convenience, financial cost, or academic standing into the decision.



Students should submit requests for exceptions within one calendar year after the completion of the quarter in question and prior to a student’s degree being certified and posted to the transcript. If a student does not meet this expectation, the student should include an explanation why the student did not make this request within the appropriate timeframe. The student must submit the petition on their own behalf. A third party may not submit a petition on behalf of a student.

Under this policy, Business Day refers to any weekday Monday through Friday in which the University is in operation, including days when the University is in operation, but classes are not in session. For example, University holidays are not Business Days.


Required Documentation

The student must submit their official online request through MyDU, including, at a minimum, written documentation from the student and supporting documentation, as appropriate for the petition type. The Committee may request additional documentation or information as set forth in this policy. The student may also email documentation to or fax documentation to 303-871-4566. The student must confirm that all documents are submitted in a timely fashion.

The Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs or their designee has the sole discretion to determine whether the documentation the student has submitted is sufficient.


Petition Review and Status

  • The student must check the status of their petitions and respond to requests by the Committee representative for additional information or documentation.
  • The Committee meets on a monthly basis. If during the review of a student’s petition, the Committee determines that additional information or documentation is needed to consider the petition, the Committee will notify the student via MyDU of the need for additional information/documentation and the Committee will defer the student’s petition until the next meeting.
  • The Committee will notify the student via MyDU of the Committee’s decision within ten (10) Business Days of the date of the meeting at which the Committee made the decision.
  • A student has forty-five (45) Business Days from their initial submission to complete the petition. If, at the end of forty-five (45) Business Days, the student has not provided the required or requested information/documentation, the petition will be cancelled, and the student must submit a new petition.
  • A student may also submit a new petition if the student has new documentation that was not reasonably available at the time of the Committee’s decision on the initial petition.
  • Decisions of the Committee are final and not subject to further appeal.

Additional Information


  • To submit a request for an academic exception, navigate to the Records & Requests page in the MyDU portal. Request an academic exception is the second option on the Requests and Other Actions menu.
  • Contact the Office of Graduate Education for assistance with the petition process.
  • Email or call 303-871-2706.