Grants, Awards & Funding Resources

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  • PinS

    Partners in Scholarship (PinS) provides a unique opportunity for students to collaborate on a project with a faculty member.

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  • Summer Research Grants

    The Summer Research Grants are intended to stimulate student/faculty collaborative projects over the summer.

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  • Student Scholar Travel Fund

    Students whose work has been accepted at an academic conference or meeting may apply for the Student Scholar Travel Fund (SSTF).

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  • Faculty Committee

    Here you can find a list of sitting members of the applications committee. These are the people who decide if your funding or award is approved.

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  • Grant Award Disbursement

    Wondering how you'll receive your funds? You have a few options.

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  • Submit a Strong Proposal

    Here we'll give you everything you need in order to submit a proposal that shines. While the committee does consider other factors, your proposal is your strongest tool for securing funding.

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Other Funding and Research Resources

One of the main functions of the URC is to provide access to resources for students interested in pursuing research opportunities and funding. While the URC is able to offer some forms of funding, students may find that other avenues are more appropriate or attractive. Below, you’ll find lists of internal funding opportunities, external funding opportunities, and other resources for students seeking funding.


Internal Funding and Resources

Past Workshops and Internal Resources