For Faculty Mentors

As a faculty member, you are integral to the Partners in Scholarship program. You provide mentoring and professional advice to undergraduate students seeking to develop research skills and expertise in their selected fields. You may partner with a maximum of 3 students at any given grant period. Please read and discuss your student's proposal prior to submitting your endorsement. 

Faculty Endorsement

Faculty mentors will receive an automated email to complete the Faculty Endorsement Form once the student has completed their application. The automated email will alert you to the date that you are required to complete your endorsement, along with the link to do so in PioneerWeb (note : student applications are typically due on a Wednesday and the faculty endorsement form is due the following Monday by 8:00 am). Faculty mentors should be prepared to address the following items:

  • Describe the overall quality of the proposed project
  • Describe the student's preparation for undertaking it, including any comments or concerns regarding the student's academic record as it relates to the project.
  • What is your role as a partner in the project?
  • Have you worked with the student on a project previously? How well do you know the student?
  • Is this a new project or a continuation of a previous project? If it is a continuation, what new questions will be explored?
  • Additional comments or information you'd like to share

Funding Information

PinS cannot fund DU tuition, service-learning classes, lessons, or student stipends. **Summer grants can fund awards.**

PinS operates on a reimbursement system. Students are responsible for purchasing their own supplies and will receive reimbursement with the proper documents. The URC will not order or purchase supplies. You or your department may purchase supplies for the student, in which case the URC can do a budget transfer. If your department is purchasing supplies, please contact the URC to discuss payment or reimbursement options.

Purchased supplies become the property of the department and will be given to the department at the conclusion of the project.

Applicants should understand that products generated through this grant will be considered the result of "substantial University assistance" subject to the university's intellectual property guidelines.

All project-related expenses must be turned into the URC office:

  • For PinS--according to the timeline submitted (June 1 at the latest)
  • For Student Scholar Travel Fund-30 days after travel
  • For Summer Research grants- Mid-August

If your student is receiving an award in the Summer Research Grant:

You are responsible for making sure your student is working the number of hours indicated in their award request. If the student is not working the appropriate hours, please contact the URC.

If you have any questions, please contact Grace Warner.

What are my responsibilities as a Faculty Mentor?

Faculty partners are integral to the application process. In addition to providing a recommendation for the student's project, you should help the student craft the research proposal and determine the appropriate budget. You should also discuss how the supplies will be purchased.

For Summer Grant awardees, you are responsible for ensuring that their work is being done in a timely manner. If your student is not completing the work expected, you should speak with your student about your expectations. You should also contact the URC to discontinue payment, if necessary.

If the student's project has human subjects, you must complete the online CITI Basic Course (about 2 hours). See the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Policies page on the ORSP website.