Kristy Ulibarri

Kristy L. Ulibarri

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Latina/o/x Literature and Culture, 20th and 21st Century Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the U.S., speculative fiction, globalization, cultural studies, theory.

Professional Biography

Kristy L. Ulibarri is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Literary Arts and is affiliate faculty of the Center for Immigration Policy and Research (CIPR), Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES) program, the Interdisciplinary Research Institute for the Study of (In)Equality (IRISE), and the Latinx Center at the University of Denver. Her research and teaching primarily concentrate on Latina/e/o/x literature and culture, im/migrant narratives, speculative fiction, and cultural studies. Her book _Visible Borders, Invisible Economies: Living Death in Latinx Narratives_ (University of Texas Press, 2022) is a study of contemporary Latinx literary and visual narratives and the strategic interplay between nation-state regulations and global economy. Other work appears in ASAP/Journal, Art Journal, Aztlán, Feminist Review, and Latino Studies, among others.

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  • Ph.D., English Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2012
  • MA, English, University of Northern Colorado, 2005
  • BA, English, University of Northern Colorado, 2003

Featured Publications

Ulibarri, Kristy L. “Neoliberalism.” In The Routledge Companion To Latino/A Literature. edited by Frances R. Aparicio and Suzanne Bost. 152-161 London, England: Routledge. 2012.


Ulibarri, Kristy L. “Governances Of The Dead: Daniel José Older's _Salsa Nocturna_ And A Necropolitics From Below” Mla, Seattle, WA, 2020.
Ulibarri, Kristy L. “Dreaming Of Deportation: Imagining Otherwise In Maceo Montoya's _The Deportation Of Wopper Barraza_ ” Latino/A Literary Theory And Criticism, John Jay College, NYC, 2019.
Ulibarri, Kristy L. “_Homo Œconomicus_, The Capitalocene, And Temporality In Alex Rivera's _Sleep Dealer_” Latina/O Studies Association, Washington, DC, 2018.
Ulibarri, Kristy L. “The "Brown Peril" As Malthusian Catastrophe: Im/Migrant Labor In Cristina Henriquez's _The Book Of Unknown Americans_” Latin American Studies Association (Lasa), Barcelona, España, 2018.
Ulibarri, Kristy L. “The Cultural Politics Of Agua: Latinx Narratives And Water Futures” American Comparative Literature Association (Acla), UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, 2018.