Tim A. Pasternak

Visiting Assistant Professor of Practice

  • Faculty

What I do

Instructor for a number of courses, primarily related to supervision and clinical training, and faculty member.

Professional Biography

I have served as both a faculty member and adjunct professor at Morgridge since 2019, including a number of courses related to psychological theory, supervision, assessment, and diagnosis. I have also been a licensed clinician since 2019 and a professional in the field of psychology for nearly 10 years. I studied at the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver, graduated and work for a group practice and at my private practice, before becoming a faculty member at Morgridge. In my on-going experience supervising graduate level clinical students at Morgridge, I have focused on utilizing my in-depth knowledge of functional contextualism and ACT therapy to help students better understand clinical diagnosis, professional development, therapeutic interventions, and multicultural issues.