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Dr. Trisha Raque is an Associate Professor in the Counseling Psychology Department at the University of Denver. She is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Chair of the APA Division 17 Health Psychology Section. She serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Counseling Psychology and Journal of Career Assessment.

Dr. Raque's areas of research include cancer survivorship (i.e., psychological and relational well-being of cancer survivors, career development of psycho-oncology care providers), navigating work after cancer, access to decent work, positive health psychology, and the centrality of sociocultural systems that intersect with health and career development. She applies social justice principles and intersectionality to cancer survivorship with research and advocacy focused on the nexus of cancer with identities such as gender, sexual orientation, and social class. Dr. Raque has an active research lab comprised of MA and PhD students.


cancer survivorship, health psychology, career development

Professional Biography

Dr. Trish Raque received her PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Maryland in 2013, and a Master's in Counseling from Georgia State University in 2007. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at the University of Maryland Counseling Center, and is a licensed psychologist in the state of Colorado. Previously, she worked as an archivist and a reference librarian, and has a Master's in Library and Information Science from University of South Carolina (2003). Her undergraduate degree was in History and Russian from University of Kentucky (2000).


  • Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, University of Maryland, 2013
  • MA, Counseling Psychology, University of Maryland, 2009
  • MS, Counseling, Georgia State University, 2007
  • MLIS, University of South Carolina, 2003
  • BA, History, University of Kentucky, 2000

Licensure / Accreditations

  • Licensed Psychologist

Professional Affiliations

  • American Psychological Association

Media Sources


Dr. Raque's research is in the area of cancer survivorship, including conducting a clinical intervention on mindfulness and positive psychology based approaches to improving the well-being of cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. She also conducts research on the intersection of cancer and work, and aims to increase awareness of how we can better support cancer survivors' career development. She have a broad research interest in women's health, which has included projects on self-compassion for promoting positive body image and psychological well-being. As someone interested in integrated health and interprofessionalism, I am also involved in research on the career development of those working in integrated health settings. Throughout her research endeavors, Dr. Raque applies intersectional, social justice, and anti-racism frameworks.

Areas of Research


Key Projects

  • Meaningful Work as a Predictory of the Mental and Physical Health of Cancer Survivors

Featured Publications

Raque, T., Kracen, A., Owen, J. J., Scout, N. F. N., Muenks, E., & Andrews, C. (2021). Integrating Multicultural Orientation into cancer care for sexual and gender minorities: A new paradigm for leadership, practice, and research. Annals of LGBTQ Public & Population Health.
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