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R. D. Perry

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Assistant Professor of English and Literary Studies

Professional Biography

R. D. Perry received his PhD in English and Medieval Studies, with a designated emphasis in Critical Theory from the University of California, Berkeley. Before that, he received an MA in English from the University of Georgia as well as BAs in English and Philosophy from that same institution. He specializes in late medieval and early modern English and French literature (as well as some Italian and Latin literature), late medieval and early modern Christianity, as well as Critical Theory and the History of Philosophy.


  • Ph.D., English and Medieval Studies, University of California, Berkeley, 2016
  • MA, English, University of Georgia, 2009
  • BA, English and Philosophy, University of Georgia, 2003


Perry, R. D. D. “A Complete Canterbury Tales?” Medieval Questions, Cambridge, United Kingdom, Kings College, Cambridge, 2020.