Bilha Moor

Bilha Moor

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Art History—Islamic

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Professional Biography

Bilha Moor is Assistant Professor of Islamic art history. Her PhD was awarded at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. Her research concentrates on Islamic figurative painting, mainly illustrated manuscripts, ca. 1300-1700, and on early Islamic Arabic inscriptions in architectural, historical, and religious contexts. Bilha’s studies have produced articles in peer-reviewed journals and books. At present, she is writing a book, tentatively titled “The World in Muslim Eyes: Illustrated Cosmographies 1550-1700”. At the University of Denver, Bilha teaches classes on over a thousand years of art, architecture, and material culture in the Islamic lands, from Spain in the west to India in the east. Formerly, she was the Mellon postdoctoral fellow of Islamic art and architecture at Northwestern University, a Rothschild postdoctoral fellow at SOAS (University of London), and a research associate with the Shahnama Project at the University of Cambridge. She taught classes in Islamic art history and Arabic literature at Northwestern University, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the University of Haifa.


  • Ph.D., Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (Islamic art), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2011

Featured Publications

Moor, Bilha. “Shah 'Abbas I, The Safavid Concourse Of The Birds, And The Reception Of Ming One Hundred Birds Compositions In Persian Painting.” Artibus Asiae 82, no. 1, (2022): 51–99.
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Moor, Bilha. “Popular Medicine, Divination, And Holy Geography: Sixteenth-Century Illustrations To Tusi's 'Aja'ib Al-Makhluqat.” The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: PhD dissertation. 2010.


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