Neil Gowensmith

Neil Gowensmith

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What I do

Assistant Professor, Masters of Forensic Psychology
Graduate School of Professional Psychology

Professional Biography

After completing my postdoctoral fellowship in forensic psychology at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, I worked as a staff psychologist at New Jersey State Prison. I then took a job in community forensic mental health and later became the Chief of Forensic Mental Health for the State of Hawaii. As Chief, I focused on implementing community forensic services and refining court-ordered forensic evaluations across the state. I began my faculty appointment at DU in 2011 while also working half-time as a competency evaluator for the State of Colorado's Office of Behavioral Health. As a full-time faculty, I created the University of Denver's Forensic Institute for Research, Service, and Training (Denver FIRST), our program's postdoctoral fellowship in forensic psychology, and the state's first outpatient competency restoration program. I also conduct forensic evaluations and consult on public forensic mental health systems across the country, specializing in competency to stand trial systems and services.


  • Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Colorado State University, 1999
  • BA, Psychology , The University of Texas at Austin, 1992

Licensure / Accreditations

  • Licensed Psychologist

Media Sources


My research focuses on bias in forensic evaluation, quality and reliability of forensic evaluation, and improvements to the public forensic mental health system.

Key Projects

  • Denver First Competency Restoration Project
  • Colorado Tramatic Brain Injury State Implementation Partnership Grant Program
  • PHASE Day Reporting Grant
  • Colorado Coalition for the Homeless MHCD
  • Prevention of Violence and Trauma of Women and Girls

Featured Publications

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Gowensmith, W. N., Murrie, D. M., & Boccaccini, M. T. (2016). Field reliabilty influences field validity: Risk assessments of individuals found NGRI. Psychological Assessment.
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  • Service Learning Faculty of the Year, CCESL