David Goldfischer

David Goldfischer

Associate Professor

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What I do

My teaching and research has focused on the nuclear danger, globalization and security, human rights and security, U.S. Middle East policy, and threats to liberal democracy. I have also done consulting work on homeland security for the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Northern Command, Colorado, Denver, and internationally.

Professional Biography

After holding positions including fellowships at the Brookings Institution and the Institute on Global . Conflict and Cooperation, I arrived at the Korbel School in 1991, where I became founding director of the programs in International and Homeland Security. Since then, my teaching, research, and consulting has included serving as visiting professor at National Defense University and as founding director of the Institute on International and Civil Security at Khalifa University in the United Arab Emirates.


My current research project examines the role of competing elite conceptions of U.S. world leadership from the 1930's until the present. I also write about U.S. Middle East policy, along with occasional op-eds on threats to American democracy.