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Jennifer Pap

Professor, French & Francophone Studies

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Professor of French and Francophone Studies

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My research is on the interaction of French painting and poetry in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. I also study poetic and artistic innovations in the context of the violence of wartime or other political upheaval. I've published articles on these issues as seen in the work of poets Guillaume Apollinaire, René Char, Dominique Fourcade, and others. I've also published on Leslie Kaplan's important book-length poem, "L'Excès-l'usine" (1982), and continue to research her other work in light of her close involvement with political movements such as the French uprisings of May 1968. I am a literary translator as well: my translation of Leslie Kaplan's Désordre was published by AK Press. in 2020, and I am currently completing a translation of her novel Depuis Maintenant: Miss Nobody Knows. My collaborative translation of Kaplan's "L'Excès-l'usine" (with poet Julie Carr) was published in 2018. In my teaching, I weave these artistic and cultural/historical issues into the content of my seminars such as "Perspectives on Occupied France," "Masques du moi," and "Lire la poésie." In addition, I teach courses that integrate eco-critical perspectives ("La nature et les animaux") and the practice and theory of translation ("L'Art de la Traduction").


  • Ph.D., French Literature, Princeton University, 1989
  • BA, French, Swarthmore College, 1981


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