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Balasingam Murugaverl

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I teach a variety of courses from freshman to graduate level while being the director of undergraduate laboratories. I also volunteer as the manager of the mass spectrometry facilities. My research interests are applied in nature, like to find solutions to immediate real life scientific problems. One of my current researches involves the development of superior chlorine resistant reverse osmosis membrane for water purification. “Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink”, can apply as much to countries and societies without fresh water supply to military operations. Development of advanced membranes with chlorine resistance along with enhanced water flux and salt rejection requires more comprehensive understanding of the molecular level mechanisms of structure property relationships. This involves; synthesis of novel monomers and polymers, use of state-of the- art characterization techniques and field testing. Our systematic approach for this problem has guided us to the creation of a newer polyamide RO membrane with superior chlorine resistance and RO properties. A patent has been granted for this invention.
I am also the recipient of the Pioneer Award. I was was recommended for this award by students for my devotion as an educator and helping them learn useful skills.


  • Ph.D., Organic Chemistry/Chemistry, University of Denver, 1989