Keith Miller

Associate Professor; Associate Provost, Graduate Education

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What I do

Dr. Miller is an associate professor in chemistry, teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses in analytical chemistry, as well as the Director of the University Honors Program.


analytical chemistry, chromatography


  • Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, University of Washington, 2000
  • BS, Chemistry, United States Naval Academy, 1988

Professional Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society

Featured Publications

Sorauf, K. J., Connors, D. E., Wells, T. A., & Miller, K. E. (2014). A hydrodynamic method for the measurement of Laponite-RD caffeine binding. Applied Clay Science, 87, 197-204.
Taylor, F., Clark, B. J., & Miller, K. E. (2021). Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (PXRF) Analysis of Egyptian Mortuary Practices: A Case Study. In M. L. Koons & C. A. MacLeod (Eds.), The Egyptian Mummies and Coffins of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science: History, Technical Analysis, and Conservation (pp. 111-138). Boulder, CO: University Press of Colorado.
Schmidt, M., Sorauf, K., Miller, K. E., Sonnenfroh, D., Wainner, R., & Bauer, A. J. R. (2012). Spark-induced breakdown spectroscopy and multivariate analysis applied to the measurement of total carbon in soil. Applied Optics, 51(7), B176-82.
Caulfield, J. A., Bruno, T. J., & Miller, K. E. (2009). Enthalpy of solution and Kováts retention indices for nitroaromatic compounds on stationary phases using gas chromatography. Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, 54, 1814-1822.
Winter, A., Ross, E., Wilkins, H., Stankiewicz, T., Wallace, T., Miller, K. E., & Linseman, D. A. (2017). An anthocyanin-enriched extract from strawberries delays disease onset and extends survival in the hSOD1G93A mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Nutritional Neuroscience, 1-13.


  • Dinstinguished Teaching Award, Faculty Senate
  • Outstanding Service Award, NSM
  • University of Denver Pioneer Professor