Annabeth Headrick at Chichen Itza

Annabeth Headrick

Associate Professor; Director, School of Art & Art History

Art History—Precolumbian

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What I do

Director, School of Art and Art History, Associate Professor of Ancient American Art


Mesoamerican Art, Andean Art, Native American Art, Ancient American Art, Iconographic Analysis, Socio-political structures of the Ancient Americas

Professional Biography

Annabeth Headrick specializes in the art of Ancient American cultures of North, Central, and South America. Her courses include Art of the Maya, Mesoamerican Art, Native North American Art, and Art of the Andes. She also teaches seminars on gender, ceramics, and the codices in the Ancient Americas as well as courses on contemporary Native North American art and art and the environment. Her research and her courses incorporate art, architecture, anthropology, and archaeology in a synthetic and comprehensive way. She is the author of The Teotihuacan Trinity: the Sociopolitical Structure of an Ancient Mesoamerican City and her other publications consider ancestors, deities, and ritual in Mesoamerica. Her current work continues with issues surrounding Teotihuacan as well as the city of Chichén Itzá.


  • Ph.D., Art History, The University of Texas, Austin, 1996
  • MA, Art History, University of Texas, Austin, 1991
  • BA, History and Political Science, Colorado College, 1985

Professional Affiliations

  • College Art Association
  • Society for American Archaeology
  • Association for Latin American Art

Featured Publications

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  • Association for Latin American Annual Book Award, Association for Latin American Art