Jess Albertine Lemmertz

Jess Albertine Lemmertz

Adjunct Faculty, Alexander Technique

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Jess Albertine comes to the Alexander Technique from a background in performing arts and chronic pain/illness management. Originally a flute player and composer, she studied AT for 10 years before deciding to become a teacher. She completed her AmSAT-certified teacher training at Alexander Technique Denver in 2022, under the direction of Heidi Leathwood. Jess loves to help students work toward movement ease with a commitment to inclusivity, body positivity, and self-ownership. She combines her training with personal experience in managing chronic health issues, creating a safe place for students to work on themselves without judgment. Jess has also taught numerous workshops on LGBTQ+ inclusivity in Alexander Technique. In addition to teaching at the University of Denver's Lamont School of Music, she also maintains a private teaching practice, Open Mind AT, in Highlands Ranch, CO.