Heidi Anahi Vuletich

Heidi A. Vuletich

Assistant Professor

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What I do

I study social group inequalities. I investigate what factors contribute to achievement disparities by gender, race, and socioeconomic status. Recently, I have become interested in how temporal expectations and structures contribute to these disparities (especially in STEM fields). In other work, I examine how structural inequalities contribute to stereotyping, prejudice, and implicit bias. In this work, I examine regional differences and use multilevel modeling to understand how features of the environment (past and present) relate to biases.

I am also a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Project Implicit (https://www.projectimplicit.net/who-we-are/team/). I am head of the International Sites and have recently been working to update the sites in collaboration with researchers representing approximately 15 countries. I'm open to collaborations with researchers interested in cross-cultural work regarding implicit bias.

I currently teach Social Psychology (U), Psychology of Inequality (U), and Regression and Correlation (G). I am passionate about teaching and am always looking to continually grow in this area.


social psychology, Developmental Psychology

Professional Biography

I received my Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where my primary mentors were Keith Payne and Beth Kurtz-Costes. I completed my postdoctoral training at the University of Indiana Bloomington under the mentorship of Amanda Diekman. I am a first-generation college graduate (Regis University), originally from Mexico, and fluent Spanish-speaker. I am always happy to talk about my “unofficial” bio (the struggles, failures, and unexpected turns), so feel free to ask me about it!

Areas of Research

implicit bias
achievement motivation

Graduate Mentorship

Dr. Vuletich will be reviewing applications for fall 2024 admission.