Marquisha Lawrence

Marquisha Lawrence Scott

Assistant Professor

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What I do

I research and collaborate with religious congregations and community-based organization to solve social problems.

Professional Biography

Assistant Professor Marquisha Lawrence Scott centers her research, teaching and community engagement on ensuring that community and nonprofit organizations, especially religious congregations, are equipped to serve their identified communities (e.g. youth, marginalized communities). With a background in macro social work, community organizing and understanding religious congregations as organizations of faith and service, her work centers non-governmental institutions as solvers of social problems.


  • Ph.D., Social Welfare, University of Pennsylvania, 2019
  • MDiv, Eden Theological Seminary, 2016
  • MSW, MSW, Washington University in St. Louis, 2016

Professional Affiliations

  • Society for Social Work Research (SSWR)
  • Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)
  • Other
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Featured Publications


Scott, M. L. (2021). Preparing to Flourish in a Global Society. Children's Defense Fund: Program Strategy Task Force. Children's Defense Fund.
Scott, M. L. (2020). Social Work and Globalization: Preparing Youth for a Global Workforce. The 2020 to 2030 Social Work Global Agenda: Co-Building Social Transformation. Presented virtually due to COVID-19 (Alberta, Canada intended location): International Federation of Social Work.
Scott, M. L. (2019). Globalization's Requirements of Youth: Religious Congregations as Mediating Structures. Society for Scientific Study of Religion . Saint Louis, MO: Society for Scientific Study of Religion .