A Male, Looking into the camera smiling. He is wearing glasses and a brown sweater.

Nicolás Correa

Student Success Coach

  • Student Success Coaching

Professional Biography

Pronouns: He/Him

Graduate Program: Sport and Performance Psychology, MA

Favorite Quote: "There's a part of me that only trruly exists and thrives with the unknown in front of us and hard work behind us. Anywhere else I'm a lesser version of myself" Jeremy Jones


Hey, I'm Nic! Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, I studied psychology at the National University of Colombia before moving to Denver in 2022 to pursue my Sports and Performance Psychology masters at DU. I believe that in the unknown and facing adversity is where we can unlock the possibility for growth and freedom to choose, so sparking people's curiosity to explore and feel comfortable in the uncomfortable is a big passion of mine. I love adventure, new experiences, sports, and big challenges.