Writing Center Staff

  • Photo of Juli Parrish: White woman with glasses and brown hair.

    Juli Parrish, Director

    Dr. Juli Parrish has directed the DU Writing Center since 2015. Her degrees are in English, focusing on composition, rhetoric, literacy, and pedagogy. Other areas of knowledge include fan fiction, detective novels, knitting, and world flags and capitals. Juli co-edits the open access, peer-reviewed journal Literacy in Composition Studies and is currently the President of the Rocky Mountain Writing Centers Association. 

  • Photo of Olivia Tracy, White woman with glasses, light brown wavy hair, and blue scarf

    Olivia Tracy, Writing Center Assistant Director

    We are happy to welcome Dr. Olivia Tracy, our new Assistant Director and Teaching Assistant Professor in Writing, who begins her work with us this fall. You may know Olivia from her time in the doctoral program in English, or from the DU Guerilla Craft Society or from faculty writing groups she's facilitated. Olivia's focus on embodied teaching, collaborative writing, and intentional listening and observation is going to benefit our staff and your students in the coming three years.

  • Photo of Megan Kelly, white woman with dark hair and blue shirt

    Megan Kelly, Writing Center Faculty Fellow

    The Writing Center was fortunate to have Megan Kelly, Teaching Professor in Writing, as its Assistant Director for the past five years; her emphasis on accessibility, trauma-informed consulting, neurodiversity, and antiracist teaching and tutoring practices has helped us to invite DU students to bring their whole selves--and all their literacies--into our physical and Zoom spaces. Megan continues to serve as a Writing Center Faculty Fellow and as the Program Coordinator for Faculty Writing Groups, so you will be seeing her if you attend Writing Program retreats or Faculty Writing Accountability Groups this year!

  • Photo of Geoff Stacks, white man with beard, glasses, and blue baseball cap

    Geoff Stacks, Faculty Fellow

    Dr. Geoff Stacks, Teaching Professor of Writing and Writing Center Faculty Fellow, serves as a mentor to our staff, drawing on his many years of teaching and tutoring experience to help our consultants to be thoughtful and intentional in the work they do with writers. Geoff's degrees are in American modern and postmodern fiction, literary theory, and philosophy, and his other areas of knowledge include birding, Bob Dylan, playing music, and being able to name all the American presidents in alphabetical order. 

  • White woman with blonde hair, smiling

    Amanda Thompson, Program Manager

    Ms. Amanda Thompson, MA, is the Program Manager for the Writing Program and Writing Center. Amanda's formal education was in history, political science, interdisciplinary international relations, and leadership. Her other areas of knowledge include military life, politics, motherhood, and living abroad, and she can speak a little German, mostly using kitchen and restaurant terms. 

Writing Center Faculty & Staff

  • Russell Brakefield (he/him), Writing Center Faculty Fellow
    In a black and white image, a person with dark, curly hair, facial hair, and glasses reads from a book into a microphone.
    • my teaching style: enthusiastic, engaging, curious
    • areas of study: creative writing, composition and rhetoric, environmental studies
    • other knowledges: folk music, environmental studies, editorial and publishing work
    • other jobs: writer, editor
    • languages: English (fluent)
    • places I’ve lived: Michigan, Colorado 
  • Rob Gilmor (he/him), Writing Center Faculty Fellow
    A person with a buzzcut and facial hair grins in front of a coastal background.
    • my teaching style: collaborative, exploratory, empathetic
    • areas of study: writing studies, history of rhetoric, rhetoric and theory
    • other knowledges: Star Wars, random pop culture knowledge
    • other jobs: dad, Star Wars RPG DM, Coordinator of the DU Community Writing Center at Gathering Place
    • languages: English (fluent)
    • places I’ve lived: Grand Junction, CO; Chicago, IL; Charlotte, NC 
  • Briana H (she/her), Consultant and Resource Coordinator
    Five stick figure human silhouettes in red, orange, yellow, green, and blue stand together with blank speech bubbles over their heads.
    • my consulting style: supportive, creative, detailed
    • areas of study: English
    • other knowledges: crochet, vegan cooking, yoga, running
    • other jobs: editor, book summary writer
    • languages: English (fluent)
    • places I’ve lived: New York, Boston
  • Char R (she/her)
    Char has her hair pulled up in a bun and sits on a colorful blanket outside. She is wearing a blue skirt, black top, and turquoise jewelry.
    • my style working with writers: friendly, understanding, helpful
    • areas of study: sociology
    • other knowledges: poetry, sports, pop culture, politics, fishing/outdoor activities, drawing
    • other jobs: retail merchandiser, youth softball coach, food bank volunteer, YMCA volunteer
    • languages: English (fluent)
    • places I’ve lived: Utah, Colorado
  • Emily G (she/her), Consultant
    A person with short, brown hair wears a black leather jacket and poses in front of and old brick building.
    • my consulting style: curious, enthusiastic, creative
    • areas of study: psychology, writing, Spanish
    • other knowledges: music, cooking, foraging, gardening, sewing, poetry, Shakespeare, medieval architecture, art history, paper making, swing dancing
    • other jobs: barista, tutor, COVID vaccine clinic administrator
    • languages: English (fluent), Spanish (proficient), Dutch (conversational)
    • places I’ve lived: Colorado, Arizona, Netherlands
  • Gisselle L H (she/her), Consultant
    Gisselle smiles with her dark hair pulled back.
    • my consulting style: creative, motivated, resourceful
    • areas of study: international human rights, political science, Mexican American studies, legal studies
    • other knowledges: planning trips, shopping, Mexico, the gym
    • other jobs: cooperation job employee, customer service rep
    • languages: English (fluent), Spanish
    • places I’ve lived: Mexico
  • Halley R (she/her), Consultant
    Halley has long, blond hair and is smiling and wearing a black sleeveless shirt and large lemon earrings.
    • my consulting style: flexible, imaginative, creative
    • areas of study: English, history
    • other knowledges: children's bookselling trends, journalling, stress baking, collecting recipes, the show Twin Peaks
    • other jobs: bookseller, book reviewer, line editor, content editor
    • languages: English (fluent)
    • places I’ve lived: Seattle, Korea
  • Hunter S (he/him), Consultant
    Hunter has short, red hair and a red beard. He smiles while wearing a red sweater.
    • my consulting style: patient, understanding, diligent
    • areas of study: English literature
    • other knowledges: theatre/Broadway, Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop games, philosophy, horror movies
    • other jobs: Barnes and Noble bookseller, Safeway "courtesy clerk", library bookkeeper, volunteer reader for a journal of dramatic lit
    • languages: English (fluent)
    • places I’ve lived: Salt Lake City, UT; Santa Rosa, CA; Portland, OR; Dublin (yes, the one in Ireland)


  • Isla L (she/they), Consultant
    Five stick figure human silhouettes in red, orange, yellow, green, and blue stand together with blank speech bubbles over their heads.
    • my consulting style: collaborative, empathetic, flexible
    • areas of study: English, creative writing, political science, women and gender studies
    • other knowledges: journalistic writing, poetry, movies, podcasting, table top RPGs
    • other jobs: journalist for The Colorado Times Recorder, data cleaner, supermarket cashier, library volunteer, law firm intern 
    • languages: English (fluent)
    • places I’ve lived: Fort Lauderdale, FL; Saint Augustine, FL; Too Much of Florida
  • Jacquelyn W (she/her), Consultant
    Jacquelyn has long, dark blond hair and is facing the camera.
    • my consulting style: patient, comprehensive, encouraging
    • areas of study: religion, political science, TEFL certification
    • other knowledges: global affairs, politics, travel, how to pack efficiently, South/ Southeast Asian religious history
    • other jobs: returned Peace Corps volunteer, 2-Year AmeriCorps alumni, Red Cross disaster responder
    • languages: English (fluent), Serer (intermediate)
    • places I’ve lived: Ohio, California, Louisiana, France, India, Thailand, China, Senegal, Malaysia
  • Jane H (she/her), Consultant
    Jane has shoulder-length, dark hair and glasses and is wearing a white puffy shirt. She faces the camera in front of a mauve background.
    • my consulting style: intuitive, empowering, rigorous
    • areas of study: poetry, theatre arts, communications
    • other knowledges: stagecraft, equestrian sports, fiber arts, literary magazines, dog-petting
    • other jobs: college writing instructor, grant-writer, professional proofreader, literary magazine editor, independent bookstore clerk, stagehand, horseback riding instructor
    • languages: English (fluent)
    • places I’ve lived: Metro Detroit, MI; Kalamazoo, MI; Chicago, IL; Iowa City, IA
  • Joseph L (he/him), Consultant
    Joseph has chin-length curly dark hair and light facial hair. He is visible from the shoulders up wearing a brown tropical printed collared shirt.
    • my consulting style: engaging, inquisitive, grateful
    • areas of study: behavioral neuroscience, psychology
    • other knowledges: world history, skiing (backcountry and downhill), nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, self-improvement
    • other jobs: psychiatric technician, guest teacher, professional research assistant, Kumon-math grader, adaptive snow sports-blocker
    • languages: English (fluent)
    • places I’ve lived: NYC; Northern NJ; Canton, NY; Salt Lake City, UT; Denver, CO; Boulder, CO
  • Kylie J (she/her), Admin
    Kylie has short, curled, blond hair. She wears a red University of Denver sweatshirt and smiles as she sits on a bench.
    • my style working with writers: focused, creative, inquisitive
    • areas of study: political science, socio-legal studies, computer science
    • other knowledges: ballet, pilates, video games, fictional book-worlds
    • other jobs: ballet teacher, ballet dancer, gymnastics dance coach, snack bar cashier
    • languages: English (fluent), Spanish (beginner)
    • places I’ve lived: Claremont, CA; Boston, MA; New York, NY
  • Lili H (she/they), Consultant (back in winter 2024!)
    Lili has shoulder-length brown and white blond hair. She smiles softly.
    • my consulting style: collaborative, positive, creative
    • areas of study: psychology
    • other knowledges: frisbee coaching, knitting, constructing small household furniture, following assembly instructions, Xenobots (really cool living robots)
    • other jobs: short comic illustrator, director
    • languages: English (fluent)
    • places I’ve lived: California; New York; Massachusetts; Denver, CO
  • Lydia M (she/her), Admin
    Lydia has her dark hair pulled back and is wearing a mauve graphic t-shirt. She is sitting at a table holding a mug in an Ikea.
    • my style working with writers: kind, patient, creative
    • areas of study: English
    • other knowledges: plant care, drawing, yoga
    • other jobs: barista, ice cream scooper, music festival server, hotel employee
    • languages: English (fluent), Spanish (beginner)
    • places I’ve lived: Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Colorado Springs, CO; Berthoud, CO
  • Mario M (he/they), Consultant
    A person with short, curly hair and light facial hair wearing a blue sweater sits on the edge of a white couch and grins.
    • my consulting style: inquisitive, dynamic, patient
    • areas of study: journalism, psychology, marketing, communications
    • other knowledges: cooking, fighting games, anime, competition (specifically the improvement process)
    • other jobs: babysitter, tutor for my cousins (my family is MASSIVE), charity event organizer
    • languages: English (fluent), Portuguese (fluent), Spanish (proficient)
    • places I’ve lived: Houston, TX; Washington, DC; Denver, CO; Lisbon, Portugal; Luanda, Angola
  • Mary Helen C (she/her), Consultant
    Mary Helen has long, blond hair. She stands against a brick wall and shields her eyes from the sun.
    • my consulting style: exploratory, enthusiastic, encouraging
    • areas of study: poetry, English, art history
    • other knowledges: plants, 80s-90s B movie thrillers, renaissance art, country music
    • other jobs: poetry instructor,  greeting card risograph printer, day-lily farm worker, barista
    • languages: English (fluent), Italian(beginner), Spanish (begiinner)
    • places I’ve lived: a medieval monastery in a small Tuscan village; Columbus, GA; Athens, GA; St. Louis, MO
  • Mary E (she/her), Consultant
    A person with curled, brown hair with a red sweater stand in nature.
    • my consulting style: collaborative, thoughtful, fun
    • areas of study: English, social work, law
    • other knowledges: cooking, embroidery, bad puns, gardening, anything with a powertool
    • other jobs: server, bartender, policy intern, dogsitter extraordinaire
    • languages: English (fluent), Spanish (advanced)
    • places I’ve lived: North Carolina, New Orleans, Italy, Denver
  • Rishi L (he/him), Consultant and Blog/Podcast Coordinator
    In this black and white image, Rishi stands smiling in front of a house that is out of focus in the background while it snows. He has short, dark hair, is wearing a winter coat and scarf, and holds a camera.
    • my consulting style: conversational, collaborative, learner-centered
    • areas of study: music
    • other knowledges: guitar performance, film photography, animation, music production
    • other jobs: music department paraprofessional, podcast sound designer, teaching fellow (Princeton in Asia), ethnomusicology research assistant
    • languages: English (fluent), Mandarin (beginner)
    • places I’ve lived: Macau, Chicago, Colorado Springs
  • Sarah D (she/her), Consultant and Coordinator
    Sarah has shoulder-length, blond hair and is wearing a blue winter hat and green sweatshirt. She smiles softly while standing in a pine forest.
    • my consulting style: curious, collaborative, open
    • areas of study: English, creative writing
    • other knowledges: mediocre vegetable gardening, spirituality, the Midwest, thrifting, foraging
    • other jobs: barista, landscaper, tutor, poetry press intern, library research assistant
    • languages: English (fluent)
    • places I’ve lived: Wisconsin, Indiana, Ireland, my parents’ basement
  • Tory M (they/them), Consultant
    Tory has short, dark hair, round glasses, and a nose ring. They smile while wearing a green t shirt with orange lettering.
    • my consulting style: curious, clear, non-judgmental
    • areas of study: religion, Masters of Divinity, film, gender studies, creative writing
    • other knowledges: bullet journaling, table top RPGs, knitting, house plants, sewing, foster care and adoption, birding
    • other jobs: youth pastor, Girl Scouts of Colorado community outreach organizer, barista, spotlight technician, program coordinator, nanny
    • languages: English (fluent), Spanish (intermediate), ASL (beginner)
    • places I’ve lived: Nederland, CO; Boulder, CO; Westminster, CO; Arvada, CO; Denver, CO
  • Will L (he/him), Consultant
    Will has short hair hidden under a gray baseball hat and wears a wooden necklace.
    • my consulting style: respectful, efficient, helpful
    • areas of study: political science, history, international relations
    • other knowledges: research, life guarding, tech
    • other jobs: research assistant, tour guide, lifeguard, intern at Free Russia Foundation
    • languages: English (fluent), French (intermediate)
    • places I’ve lived: Fredericksburg, VA; Boston, MA; Denver, CO