Writing Center Staff

  • Photo of Juli Parrish: White woman with glasses and brown hair.

    Juli Parrish, Director

    Dr. Juli Parrish has directed the DU Writing Center since 2015. Her degrees are in English, focusing on composition, rhetoric, literacy, and pedagogy. Other areas of knowledge include fan fiction, detective novels, knitting, and world flags and capitals. Juli co-edits the open access, peer-reviewed journal Literacy in Composition Studies and is currently the President of the Rocky Mountain Writing Centers Association. 

  • Photo of Olivia Tracy, White woman with glasses, light brown wavy hair, and blue scarf

    Olivia Tracy, Assistant Director

    We are happy to welcome Dr. Olivia Tracy, our new Assistant Director and a Teaching Assistant Professor in Writing, who begins her work with us this fall. You may know Olivia from her time in the doctoral program in English, or from the DU Guerilla Craft Society or from faculty writing groups she's facilitated. Olivia's focus on embodied teaching, collaborative writing, and intentional listening and observation is going to benefit our staff and your students in the coming three years.

  • Photo of Megan Kelly, white woman with dark hair and blue shirt

    Megan Kelly, Faculty Fellow

    The Writing Center was fortunate to have Professor Megan Kelly, Teaching Professor in Writing, as its Assistant Director for the past five years; her emphasis on accessibility, trauma-informed consulting, neurodiversity, and antiracist teaching and tutoring practices has helped us to invite DU students to bring their whole selves--and all their literacies--into our physical and Zoom spaces. Megan continues to serve as a Writing Center Faculty Fellow and as the Program Coordinator for Faculty Writing Groups, so you will be seeing her if you attend Writing Program retreats or Faculty Writing Accountability Groups this year!

  • Photo of Geoff Stacks, white man with beard, glasses, and blue baseball cap

    Geoff Stacks, Faculty Fellow

    Dr. Geoff Stacks, Teaching Professor of Writing and Writing Center Faculty Fellow, serves as a mentor to our staff, drawing on his many years of teaching and tutoring experience to help our consultants to be thoughtful and intentional in the work they do with writers. Geoff's degrees are in American modern and postmodern fiction, literary theory, and philosophy, and his other areas of knowledge include birding, Bob Dylan, playing music, and being able to name all the American presidents in alphabetical order. 

  • White woman with blonde hair, smiling

    Amanda Thompson, Program Manager

    Ms. Amanda Thompson, MA, is the Program Manager for the Writing Program and Writing Center. Amanda's formal education was in history, political science, interdisciplinary international relations, and leadership. Her other areas of knowledge include military life, politics, motherhood, and living abroad, and she can speak a little German, mostly using kitchen and restaurant terms. 

Writing Center Faculty & Staff

  • aimee h

    Aimee H (she/her)

    Areas of study: still exploring! Other knowledges: swimming, building IKEA furniture, photography, painting nails.

  • Amanda K: A white woman with brown hair and eyes smiles at the camera with a green nature scene in the background. Her hair is in a bun with sunglasses on top of her head, and she has a small septum piercing.

    Amanda K (she/her)

    Areas of study: biology, cognitive science, ecology and evolutionary biology. Other knowledges: cooking, cryptids, crocheting, disability advocacy and accommodations, zoos. 

  • a group of drawn human figures talking

    Audry C (she/her)

    Areas of Study: Economics, criminology, Spanish. Other Knowledges: Equestrian sports, learning languages, art, singing, reading. Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish.  

  • Bethany E: Brunette woman in blue sweater smiling with blurred foliage in the background.

    Bethany E (she/her)

    Areas of study: poetry, verse, rhetoric, creative writing, religious studies. Other knowledges: equestrian-sports, Jane Austen, the show Succession, coffee, bad puns.  

  • briana h

    Briana H (she/her) 

    Areas of study: English, literary studies. Other knowledges: running, vegan cooking, art history.  

  • A cat sitting in a sunbeam with a book

    Candace NT (she/her) 

    Areas of study: international affairs, women's and gender studies, creative writing. Other knowledges: yoga & meditation, knitting & crochet, eulogy & obituary writing. 

  • Char R: a picture of me in my Navajo regalia at Garden of the Gods. In the picture I have my tribal blanket with me.

    Char R (she/her)

    Areas of study: sociology, public policy, history. Other knowledges: writing, law, policy, diversity. 

  • Clarice H: Girl wearing white and purple, smiling.

    Clarice H (she/her)

    Areas of study: molecular biology, chemistry, business administration. Other knowledges: Harry Potter, the MCU, One Direction, stretching. Languages: English, learning Spanish. 

  • Claire W: A candid photo of a woman in a blue scarf resting her chin on her hand.

    Claire W (she/her)

    Areas of study: English literature. Other knowledges: massage therapy, Wim Wenders, songwriting, Lord of the Rings. Languages: English, learning German. 

  • Daniel R: Daniel, in a blue shirt, and Pancho, his sister's standard poodle, are seated together, looking at the camera.

    Daniel R (he/him)

    Areas of study: creative writing, Spanish, art history, film studies, psychology. Other knowledges: poetry, basketball, drums, coffee. Languages: English, Spanish. 

  • David H: A photo of David wearing two backpacks and a rain jacket while hiking the Camino de Santiago.

    David H (he/him)

    Areas of study: history, philosophy, international security. Other knowledges: military history, building computers, wilderness survival, archery, cat whispering. 

  • Elisabeth S: Girl smiling at camera with head slightly tilted

    Elisabeth S (she/her)

    Areas of study: English. Other knowledges: baking, fantasy, animals, sewing. 

  • a group of drawn figures with speech bubbles above their heads

    Eisha M (she/her)

    Areas of Study: Economics, gender and women’s studies. Other Knowledges: Baking, debating, global politics, soccer (both playing and knowledge of European football clubs), cultural cuisines, international rap, British rappers, dancing, acting. Languages: English, Urdu.  

  • Emily G: A photo of Emily in a black sweater; image taken near Red Rocks Ampitheatre with snow and red rock formations in the background.

    Emily G (she/her)

    Areas of study: psychology, Spanish, writing practices. Other knowledges: music, cooking, foraging, gardening, sewing, poetry, Shakespeare, medieval architecture, art history, paper making, swing dancing. Languages: English, Spanish, basic Dutch. 

  • Emmanuel T: a picture of Emmanuel at a rooftop restaurant in Colombia

    Emmanuel T (he/him) 

    Areas of Study: international political economy, political science, international security. Other Knowledges: bodybuilding, the neighborhood, writing resumes. Languages: English, beginner Persian. 

  • Gabe C

    Gabe C (he/him)

    Areas of Study: English, environmental science, international studies. Other Knowledges: Tarot reading, modern art, zoology, fencing, archery, tennis, TTRPGs, bestiaries from around the world, creative writing, wasting time (i.e. not creative writing). Languages: English, Spanish

  • Gabrielle W: A photo of a woman smiling with a purple shirt and long brown hair in front of a white background.

    Gabrielle W (she/her)

    Areas of study: biology, dance. Other knowledges: Broadway musicals, dance, opera, travel, yoga, singing technique. Languages: English, French. 

  • Hafsa A: Girl in Hijab Smiling at Camera

    Hafsa A (she/her)

    Areas of study: computer science. Other knowledges: African borders, Percy Jackson, Candy Crush, hijabs. 

  • Hailey A: girl standing outside smiling at the camera

    Hailey A (she/her)

    Areas of study: psychological sciences, anthropology, sociology, counseling psychology. Other knowledges: working in the service industry, playing basketball, reading, writing, cooking, baking, fitness, gardening. 

  • Haydee D

    Haydee D (she/her)

    Areas of Study: Speech communication, broadcast communication, media and public communication, strategic communication, public diplomacy. Other Knowledges: Music, cooking, reading. Languages: English, Filipino/Tagalog, Ilocano.

  • Ian C: person of European descent with wavy brown hair and the scrappy beginnings of a beard. He is in a tattered t-shirt looking left but staring coolly into the lens of the camera and smiling.

    Ian C (he/him)

    Areas of study: psychology, behavior analysis, sociology, creative writing, poetry. Other knowledges: film, TV, chess, gaming, poetry, pasta.

  • isla l

    Isla L (she/they)

    Areas of study: political science, English, gender and women's studies. Other knowledges: Dungeons and Dragons, game design, journalism, creative writing, Holocaust education and awareness. 

  • Jack T

    Jack T (he/him)

    Areas of Study: Psychology, clinical psychology, English, history, philosophy. Other Knowledges: Music, creative writing, rock climbing. 

  • Jacquelyn W: A smiling woman with blonde hair in a ponytail; she is wearing a beige hoodie and standing in front of a grey wall.

    Jacquelyn W (she/her)

    Areas of study: International human rights, China: domestic and international relations, world religions, political science. Other knowledges: policy and policy brief writing; study abroad application writing; Peace Corps application process and writing; AmeriCorps application process and writing; TEFL certification, application process, and foreign job applications; and TEFL/ TESOL exam preparation. Languages: English and Serer Sine.

  • Jessica H: a white woman smiling with dark wavy hair, wearing glasses and a black shirt.

    Jessica H (she/her)

    Areas of study: English, literary studies, biblical studies. Other knowledges: ancient languages (Latin & Greek), earrings, hair care, second-hand books, boba tea. Languages: English, Latin, Ancient Greek. 

  • a group of drawn figures with speech bubbles over their heads

    Kyleigh H (she/her) 

    Areas of Study: mathematics, philosophy, computer science. Other Knowledges: knitting, rigid heddle weaving, interior design, plant-based nutrition, running, learning Spanish. 

  • Kylie J: blonde girl in red shirt sitting and smiling

    Kylie J (she/her) 

    Areas of Study: political science, journalism, philosophy, socio-legal studies. Other Knowledges: reading, ballet, yoga, burgers. 

  • Leyna F: A young woman with brown hair and a green tank top leans on a railing in front of a river. There is a bridge and a small city skyline in the background.

    Leyna F (she/her)

    Areas of Study: socio-legal studies, computer science, math, international studies. Other Knowledges: painting, fine art (specifically watercolors and gouache), field hockey, lacrosse, music, cooking, fashion. Languages: English, French.

  • a group of drawn figures with speech bubbles over their heads

    Jake C (he/him)

    Areas of Study: Political science, international studies. Other Knowledges: Politics, international politics, physical exercise/diet, environmental science. Languages: English, Spanish.  

  • Libbie M: White woman with a buzz cut, wearing a beige sweater.

    Libbie M (she/her) 

    Areas of Study: communication studies, psychology. Other Knowledges: music, health and nutrition, fitness, movies, fantasy genre, trauma-informed practices. Languages: Learning Spanish, French, and Korean.  

  • a group of drawn figures with speech bubbles over their heads

    Lili H (she/they)

    Areas of Study: Psychology, writing, criminology. Other Knowledges: Knitting, drop bears, horse breeds, furniture building, kakuro.  

  • Loisa F: woman with short brown hair and bangs smiles in front of some greenery

    Loisa F (she/her)

    Areas of Study: English, creative writing, poetry. Other Knowledges: music (especially folk music), film, bit of photography, bit of yoga. 

  • Lydia M: Girl smiling side-profile with blue dress and trees in the background.

    Lydia M (she/her) 

    Areas of Study: English, psychology. Other Knowledges: needle felting, writing scary stories, painting, zine-making, gardening. Languages: English, Spanish. 

  • Mario M:  A photo of a man with black hair smiling while wearing a blue sweater.

    Mario M (he/they) 

    Areas of Study: journalism, psychology, marketing, communications, English and literary arts. Other Knowledges: pop culture, fighting games, cooking, anime. Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish. 

  • Moon F: Black Hair, Black Glasses, with Black coat. Smiling with the green trees behind me.

    Moon F (she/her) 

    Areas of Study: Medieval literature, gender theory, poetry, creative writing. Other Knowledges: cooking, reading medieval history. Languages: Chinese, English, learning Spanish. 

  • Nicole D: A photo of a woman with red hair smiling in the passenger seat of a car

    Nicole D (she/her) 

    Areas of Study: biological sciences, gender and women's studies, cognitive neuroscience, chemistry, psychology. Other Knowledges: thrifting, boba, llamas, Taylor Swift, tea. 

  • Phia K

    Phia K (they/them)

    Areas of Study: political science, critical race and ethnic studies, history. Other Knowledges: Crochet, rock climbing, making pasta sauce, cats, tattoo culture. Languages: English, Spanish. 

  • Sara K: Woman with brown hair and a blue shirt looks at the camera.

    Sara K (she/her)

    Areas of Study: English, creative writing. Other Knowledges: small press printing, art books, textile art. 

  • Scott S: Guy with medium-length hair leaning on a fence

    Scott S (he/they)

    Areas of Study: English, art history, history. Other Knowledges: history, video games, skiing, music, skating, fitness, basketball, political strategy, activism, chess, Adventure Time.

  • Simon W: smiling man with short brown hair and white shirt.

    Simon W (he/him)

    Areas of Study: economics, music, mathematics. Other Knowledges: history, J.R.R. Tolkien, Marxism, anarchism, rock climbing, mountaineering, simulation hypothesis. 

  • Tory M: Tory, a white nonbinary person, smiles at the camera. They have short brown hair and are wearing glasses and a green shirt.

    Tory M (they/them)

    Areas of study: religion, disability, queer studies, creative writing, film. Other knowledges: bullet journaling, table top RPGs, knitting, house plants, sewing, foster care and adoption, birding. Languages: English, Spanish, learning ASL. 

  • toyin a

    Toyin A (she/her)

    Areas of Study: Geology and mineral sciences, petroleum geosciences. Other Knowledges: Baking, swimming, yoga, Pilates. Languages: English, Yoruba.  

  • Will L: A photo of a man with brown hair smiling on a balcony overlooking Washington DC.

    Will L (he/him)

    Areas of Study: history, political science, international affairs, international studies. Other Knowledges: impressionist painting, cooking, ice skating, maps of the world. Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Persian/Farsi.