Support for the Teaching of Writing

The Writing Program has a long history of supporting faculty who are teaching writing through resources, workshops, brown bag conversations, Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) learning opportunities, pedagogical consultations, and Writing Center support.

Currently we are building cohort-based models of faculty engagement. 

If you are looking for resources for the teaching of writing, please visit our Pedagogical Resources page. 

    Pedagogical Resources

    Our faculty have developed and curated a wide range of resources to support the teaching of writing. On our pedagogical resources pages, we also include reports, research, and essays related to the teaching of writing by Writing Program faculty. 

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      Faculty Consultations

      We are happy to offer individual faculty consultations on any aspect of the teaching of writing, including

      • Designing, revising, and scaffolding assignments prompts and sequences
      • Responding to and assessing student writing
      • Developing effective peer review activities and sequences
      • Best practices for online and hybrid teaching environments
      • Integrating informal and low-stakes into classes to promote student learning
      • Considering how to honor the languages and literacies of all students in your classes

      If you're looking for more direct-to-student support, you can contact the Writing Center to discuss options.

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