Writing Minor

Introduction to the Minor in Writing Practices 

The Minor in Writing Practices develops writing proficiencies across a variety of rhetorical situations towards building confident and rhetorically versatile writers. Students will have the opportunity to further their understanding of the origins, cultural influences, evolving technologies, and purposes of writing in diverse settings. The minor is open to all undergraduates who have successfully completed WRIT xx33 and want to hone their writing, further understanding of writing concepts and theories, and demonstrate abilities to employers and others. Students will complete at least 20 credits of courses culminating in a formal portfolio of their work in WRIT 3500.

    Writing Minor Courses

    Upcoming Courses

    This list is updated quarterly to reflect the courses being offered by the Writing Program and other programs and departments that meet the requirements of the Writing Minor. 


    • 5528 WRIT 2910 Undergrad Tutoring in Writing 2:00PM-3:50PM M,W Kelly, Megan J.
      2440 WRIT 3500 Writing Design and Circulation 2:00PM-3:50PM T,R Shultz Colby, Rebekah E.
      2824 COMN 2150 Critical Comm Inquiry 4:00PM-5:50PM T,R Johnson, Jessica A.
      5037 COMN 2400 Landmrks in Rhetorical Theory 10:00AM-11:50AM T,R Reckard, Bryan R.
      5038 COMN 2400 Landmrks in Rhetorical Theory 2:00PM-3:50PM T,R Reckard, Bryan R.
      1765 ENGL 1000 Intro to Creative Writing 8:00AM-9:50AM M,W Dorfman, Kaily R.
      1411 ENGL 1000 Intro to Creative Writing 8:00AM-9:50AM T,R Tran, Hang My
      4995 ENGL 1000 Intro to Creative Writing 10:00AM-11:50AM M Kim, Tae Hu
      1930 ENGL 2003 Creative Writing-Poetry 2:00PM-3:50PM M,W Soong, Jennifer
      3473 ENGL 2012 Creative Writing-Fiction 12:00PM-1:50PM M,W Lipeles, Jason
      1668 MFJS 2140 Storytelling & Reporting 8:00AM-9:50AM M,W Sanchez, Robert L.