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Our faculty and students are active writers and collaborators on and off campus. The Writing Program faculty publish in a rich assortment of venues, and their scholarly and creative interests contribute to their commitment to the teaching of writing. The Writing Program continually fosters students to be active, public writing practitioners, and we feature and publish student work in many forums. 

Faculty Accomplishments

Faculty Creative and Scholarly work and collaborations

Student Writers

The Writing Program edits and supports forums for student writing and research, including WRIT Large and the DU Multimodal Archive.

Upcoming Events

The University Writing Program invites graduate students and teachers from all lines and ranks to participate in our Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Winter Workshop Series. More information can be found here. Please RSVP.

DU and the Writing Program is hosting the upcoming Conference on Community Writing™ "Activating Radical Imagination" (October 12-14, 2023)