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Our faculty and students are active writers and collaborators on and off campus. The Writing Program faculty publish in a rich assortment of venues, and their scholarly and creative interests contribute to their commitment to the teaching of writing. The Writing Program continually fosters students to be active, public writing practitioners, and we feature and publish student work in many forums. 

Faculty Accomplishments

Faculty Creative and Scholarly work and collaborations

Fall Showcase

In the fall term of the following academic year, the Writing Program hosts a Fall Showcase to celebrate our student honorees in the following categories:

Writing Excellence Awards

All Writing Program Faculty are given the opportunity to name one exceptional student from the previous winter or fall terms to receive the Writing Excellence Award.

Director's Awards 

Every student who received an Excellence Award (and a few others named by faculty) are invited to apply for a Director's Award. Students must submit a portfolio of their best writing, usually the portfolio they submitted from their nominating professor’s course. These portfolios are reviewed by a faculty-led committee.

Kornfeld Scholarship 

The Kornfeld Scholarship is an endowed award to a single outstanding first-year writer each year.  The award is typically selected by the Executive Director from the pool of finalists who received Director Awards.  

Exemplar Awards 

A faculty-led process assesses singular pieces of writing in specific genres/categories, including awards for students in our Minor in Writing Practices.  

Student Writers

The Writing Program edits and supports forums for student writing and research, including WRIT Large and the DU Multimodal Archive.

Upcoming Events

The University Writing Program invites graduate students and teachers from all lines and ranks to participate in our Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Winter Workshop Series. For more information please email