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Each year, continuing our mission to be a campus-wide resource for writing, the Program offers dozens of workshops and professional learning opportunities.

Writing faculty have led workshops, seminars, and consultations across campus, reaching professors and students.

Writing Center Workshops: FACULTY CONSULTATIONS

The Writing Center is for everyone, and that includes faculty and staff.

Our Writing Program faculty consultants can work with any faculty or staff member on any writing project or writing pedagogy issue, from clarifying the argument in a journal manuscript, to commenting on student papers in effective ways.

All consultations are synchronous, 45-minute conversations, either online in Zoom or face-to-face in the Anderson Academic Commons.

Writing Consultations

Faculty consultants ask questions, read through parts of your project with you, share perspectives, and serve as sounding boards; they can help to identify relevant resources and provide regular check-ins to keep faculty and staff writers on track. They don't pre-read or edit but rather work with you to make progress on your project.

Writing Pedagogy Consultations

Faculty consultants can share expertise in writing pedagogy, including creating and scaffolding assignments, integrating writing-to-learn activities, developing rich commenting practices, and finding small ways to teach writing when writing is not the subject of the class.

Past Workshops and Professional Learning Opportunities

We're happy to do any of these workshops below—or workshops on other topics—for any group of 5 or more faculty. Just contact Sheila Carter-Tod at

Writing Expert Consulting Corps, Fall 2020

In Fall 2020, faculty in the Writing Expert Consulting Corps (WECC) provided 48 workshops on the following topics:

  • The Op-ed as Genre;
  • Science Writing for Non-Expert Audiences;
  • APA Style for Graduate Students;
  • Managing Longer Projects in History;
  • Habits and Practices for Writing in Grad School;
  • Writing Conference Proposals;
  • Research in Creative Nonfiction, and dozens more.


Presenters included Professors Brad Benz, Geoff Stacks, Heather Martin, LP Picard, Aubrey Schiavone, Megan Kelly, Juli Parrish, and several others.

Workshops, Fall 2020

In Fall 2020, Former Director Doug Hesse, along with Writing Program faculty John Tiedemann and Blake Sanz, LP Picard and David Riche, & Geoff Stacks and Matt Hill led workshops on the following topics:

  • Making Effective Assignments;
  • Responding and Grading;
  • Helping Students Use Sources Effectively;
  • Peer Review Online;
  • Reimagining & Reinvigorating Discussion Board Pedagogies; and
  • Using (and Ignoring) Canvas for Grading.

ASEM Cohorts, Fall 2020

LP Picard, Keith Rhodes, and David Riche lead quarter-long cohorts of ASEM faculty who informally discussed common teaching issues. Participants received a stipend of $200, for three meetings. Topics included:

    • Online Peer Review;
    • Syllabus and Assignment Design;
    • Responding to Student Work;
    • ASEM Best Practices for Hybrid/Hyflex Environments.

Other Past Workshops & Events