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Upcoming Events

Each quarter, program staff and Honors student groups sponsor a variety of events for Honors students.  Past activities have included sporting events, board game nights, theatre performances, museum visits, and retreats in the Rocky Mountains.  While most programming was postponed or held virtually due to COVID-19 precautions, we are beginning to resume in-person events.  Upcoming activities are listed below:

  • Book Club

    Book Club is a student-led group of literature lovers who meet regularly to discuss a current book selection.  Books are provided free of charge and are available for pick-up in the Honors Lounge (DFRV P-163).  Book Club meets in the Honors Lounge weekly.  Anyone is welcome to join in! 

    Fall 2022 Book Selection: Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

    Want to get involved?  Contact Book Club Leader Lindsay Baker at

  • Voltaire Society

    The Voltaire Society is a club sponsored by the Honors Program and run by Honors students. Named after the cantankerous French philosopher, the Voltaire Society sponsors a number of social, cultural, and intellectual events each quarter which help you to "unleash your inner nerd." 

  • Honors Floor

    The Honors floor, located in Dimond Family Residential Village, is a residential opportunity specifically designed for first-year students in the University Honors Program. The Honors floor provides a unique living environment for students of diverse majors and interests who have made academic work a priority. For many Honors students, living together and sharing special programming enhances their first year experience at college, and helps create lasting friendships. 

    The Honors floor is an option for those who have been admitted to the University Honors program, but is not a requirement.  Honors students who join Living Learning Communities (LLC’s) are required to live with their LLC, and some Honors students may prefer to live with an LLC, an athletic cohort, or in some other non-Honors arrangement. Students will be able to indicate a preference for living on the Honors floor after admittance to the Honors program. 

    If you are interested in joining the Honors floor in your first year at DU please email us at

  • Honors Student Association

    Students who are ready to take the lead within the Honors community can get involved in one of the following roles:

    • Honors Council student representatives
    • Voltaire Society leadership
    • Book Club leadership

Honors Student Association Leaders

Photo of Alyssa Aragon Communications and Media Manager

Hometown: La Junta, CO
Major: Biological Sciences
Minors: Chemistry, Psychology
Fav Thing about DU Honors: Feeling included & the fun events!
Favorite Things: Gaming & animals

Photo of Audrey Mitchell Peer Mentor Coordinator

Hometown: Casper, WY
Major: Biological Sciences
Minors: Chemistry, French, Leadership Studies
Fav Thing about DU Honors: Being able to geek out about totally random things
Fun Fact: I can play the bagpipes!

Photo of Kenna Stephen Communications and Media Manager

Hometown: Longmont, CO
Majors: Economics, Public Policy
Minors: Gender & Women's Studies, Spanish
Fav Thing about DU Honors: The faculty are so amazing & supportive! 
Fun Fact: I love pressing flowers and making art out of them!  So, if you see me stealing flowers from around campus, that's probably what I'm doing!

Photo of Lindsay Baker Book Club Leader

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Major: Anthropology
Minors: Italian, Leadership Studies, Urban Studies
Fav Thing about DU Honors: Fellow Honors community members!
Fun Fact: I auditioned for Teen Jeopardy!

Photo of Sarah Olson Events Coordinator

Hometown: Windsor, CA
Major: Environmental Science
Minors: International Relations, Spanish
Fav Thing about DU Honors: Opportunity to meet & connect with friends, as well as faculty!
Fun Fact: I can waterski on one ski!