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Each year, continuing our mission to be a campus-wide resource for writing, the Program offers of workshops and professional learning opportunities.

Writing Across the Curriculum: Writing Resources for Faculty Across Campus

The Writing Program and Writing Center offer both access to resources on including writing projects within faculty syllabi, appointments through the Writing Center, Writing Accountability Groups (in collaboration with the Office of Faculty Affairs), and a multitude of resources on the teaching of writing.

Resources for WAC (Writing Across the Curriculum), Advising, Teaching Resources, Poster Printing, ASEM, and writing workshops can be found below.

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List of Resources

Writing Accountability Groups

A partnership between the Writing Program and the Office of Faculty Affairs, the Writing Accountability program hosts small, facilitated groups to support faculty research and work-life balance year-long. Drawing on NCFDD and DU professional development resources, participants meet weekly to identify and support advancement of individual projects. Rather than exchanging manuscripts or reviewing content, however, group conversations focus on the process of writing.

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Advanced Seminar (ASEM)

While knowledge and professional skills found in a student's major and minor are important foundations for accomplishment, successful individuals also must be able to navigate a complex political, social, cultural and economic environment that challenges more traditionally limited concepts of higher education and competencies.

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Pedagogical Teaching Resources

The Writing Program offers many resources of making effective writing assignments, grading student writing, and a diverse set of best practices.

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Poster Printing

Preparing your class for a presentation and looking to have posters made? The Writing Program can offer poster printing to DU students, faculty, and staff for research and academic presentations for a nominal fee. 

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Each year, continuing our mission to be a campus-wide resource for writing, the Program offers dozens of workshops and professional learning opportunities.

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Are you an FSEM advisor curious about what writing classes your student should take?


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