Knowledge, Skills & Commitments

Our approach to community engagement

We apply the philosophy and skills of the community organizing model, such as identifying self-interest, building relationships, understanding root causes, restructuring power, and centering the experience of the communities most impacted by injustice and systemic oppression, to inform how we build partnerships for community engagement.    

We value the principles and elements of Emergent Strategy in our quest to fulfill our vision of collaborating with communities to improve lives

Emergent Strategy provides a way of approaching our work with a set of skills and strategies “for organizers building movements for justice and liberation that leverage relatively simple interactions to create complex patterns, systems, and transformations – including adaptation, interdependence and decentralization, fractal awareness, resilience and transformative justice, nonlinear and iterative change, creating more possibilities.”

Why Engage with CCESL Student Programs?

All CCESL Student Programs expose students to these concepts. Programs focus on various levels of depth and complexity from awareness and knowledge, to skill development, to application through action, then application through integration across experiences/programs/activities, and finally adaptation, moving beyond your own project and contributing to our shared understanding. The aim is to build students’ knowledge, skills, and commitments over time.

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CCESL’s Four Pathways to Community-Engaged Knowledge, Skills, & Commitments 

We employ a set of knowledge, skills, and commitments through our student programs that are aligned with this approach. We believe that students’ capacity to do authentic, ethical community-engaged work is enhanced when they Think, Connect, Act, Reflect.