Connecting Changemakers through Scholar Shop

Want to address issues in your community but you're not sure where to start?

Scholar Shop is a platform that connects DU students, faculty, and staff with community organizations to collaborate on projects that address community-identified interests/issues. Projects have ranged across topics, spanning from education equity to civic engagement, sustainability, STEM access, and beyond.


Looking for volunteer opportunities? Students, faculty, and staff can visit the DU Volunteer database to find and sign up for opportunities beyond our Scholar Shop.

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How Does it Work?

Whether you’re an organization, student, faculty or staff member, once you express interest in a Scholar Shop collaboration we’ll work with you to fine-tune your project ideas, goals, and timeline. We'll then identify and connect you to those whose interests align and have relevant experience for the collaboration. Once a team has been "matched," the work can begin!


Getting Started

  • For Students

    Whether you’ve found an organization on the Community Partner List you’d like to connect with or you’re just exploring possibilities, send an email to to get started. 

    Please Note: student-led projects are typically linked to an academic requirement and mentored by a faculty advisor

  • For Community Partners

    To begin, community partners complete a brief Scholar Shop Interest Form. Once received, we'll work with you to fine-tune project ideas and identify relevant students and faculty for potential collaboration. If this is your first time, we’ll create a profile for your organization on the Community Partner List which will be shared with and displayed to the DU community.

    Please note, Scholar Shop does not match organizations with volunteers to complete community service. If you are looking for student volunteers, please post on the University of Denver Volunteer Base instead.

  • For Faculty

    Whether you’re exploring collaboration possibilities, seeking community partners for your class, or you’ve found an organization on the Community Partner List you’d like to connect with, please send an email to to get started.


Project Process

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    Planning the Project

    After you’ve been connected, in order to encourage careful planning in all collaborations, student-led Scholar Shop projects require the development of a Scholar Shop Project Plan which includes a timeline and projected outcomes made in collaboration with those involved.   

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    Doing the Project

    Those involved are responsible for carrying out the project as planned. The Scholar Shop Coordinator will check in periodically and can provide additional support based on project needs.

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    Monitoring Project Results & Impact

    At the close of each collaboration, the members must deliver the project or research to the community organization. We love to hear about successful Scholar Shop projects and highlight them in our monthly newsletter, the Public Good Impact blog, so we encourage the community organization, student, and/or faculty member to submit a short 300-500 word article. It also greatly helps future Scholar Shop collaborations.


Funding & Support

Community Partner List

To see current community partners and projects, check out the Community Partner List below:

Note: All CCESL programs, including this one, undergo an antiracist, anti-oppression review at least annually. This year, changes were made to program materials and applications based on that review.