Workshops & Training

Community-Engaged Teaching 101

Community-Engaged Teaching 101 is for instructors who are new to community-engaged teaching. Scholars will take part in training designed to increase knowledge about community-engaged pedagogy as well as prepare faculty to use best practices for community engagement in their courses.

The training will be offered in June. The dates are as follows.

  • Thursday, June 16 - Friday, June 17, 2022

Participants are also asked to submit a syllabus from their newly developed (or revised) community-engaged course after teaching the course at least once.

Participants whose positions include teaching responsibilities* are eligible to receive:

  • $600 for attending the 12-hour workshop (over two days)
  • $125 for submitting a syllabus for a newly developed (or revised) community-engaged course

Click here to apply. Applications are due Monday, May 16th.

Please email with questions.

Eats & Engagement

Informal, conversational style meet ups for faculty to give and get feedback and advice around a specific topic (lead by faculty luminaries) while enjoying some meals or snacks. 

Check out our News & Events page for upcoming sessions. 

Past Eats & Engagements: 

John Tiedemann: Creating and Sustaining Long-Term Community Partnerships 

Anne DePrince: What does it take? Mentoring Student’s Community-Engaged Work 

Julia Roncoroni: Dismantling the Ivory Tower: Community Partnerships to Advance Health Equity 

Ozy Aloziem: Radically Reimagining Community Engagement

Community of Practice

How do we, individually as instructors and collectively as colleagues, spring forward from these tumultuous times in ways that build abundance and justice for ourselves, our students, and communities through our courses? This community of practice will create a small cohort of cross-campus faculty, who are experienced community-engaged teachers (e.g. have taught at least one community-engaged course), to do some communal reflection, collective problem-solving, and knowledge-sharing as we navigate where our community-engaged teaching has been and where we would like it to go.

We will gather twice each quarter to explore and reflect upon our ongoing learning and challenges. Each session will be co-created by participants with support from facilitators. One goal of these efforts will be to cultivate a reflective practice. Each participating faculty will have the opportunity to co-lead a discussion at least once.

At the culmination of our year together, the community of practice will share their learning through a public forum with the DU community. The structure and format of this forum will be determined by the community of practice. Each participant will also submit a written reflection with the option to have it published in a special issue of CCESL’s Public Good Impact.

Participants will meet 2x/quarter (each meeting 1-2 hours in length with two options, 1 in-person and 1 via zoom) and will receive a $250/quarter stipend.