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Sustainable Tourism Becomes Interactive

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By: Lilith Diringer, ACE Student Scholar Grant Recipient | Graduate Student

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Have you ever wondered where the food that you have at the hotel breakfast buffet comes from and what energy you charge your phone with while resting in your comfortable hotel bed? Unsustainable travel poses significant challenges to our planet and communities, contributing to carbon emissions, exploitation of workers, and environmental destruction. While over 83% of travelers express a desire to travel more sustainably, education about this topic is sparse. 

Travelucation, developed with the support of an ACE Student Scholars grant in cooperation with Girl Scouts of Colorado, fills this gap. In this Edutainment program, children get inspired to join the Sustainable Travel Detective Club. In the education material, the fluff animals Ray, Holly, and  Chargy awaken the children's curiosity, accompanying them on their adventure. The material includes a booklet as well as additional educational material about the topic, such as posters, all of which can be downloaded for free (Travelucation materials). Besides on the road, the material can also be used for simulating a journey in the classroom, as an educational, interactive workshop in schools and other organizations. 

Let's empower our children to become stewards of the planet and advocates for sustainable tourism in order to create a brighter future for generations to come.


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