What works for you?

Start by thinking about what sort of experience a fellowship might support and exploring what opportunities exist. There are many factors that will influence which competitions might be a good fit for you:

  • Demographic eligibility (citizenship, age, identity factors)

  • Academic eligibility (field of study, GPA, graduation timeline, plans for graduate study)

  • How well the goals and priorities of an award align with your own goals and priorities (professional plans, geographic considerations)

  • Timeline (deadline, application components, when the award begins)



Supported Awards

We can help with your applications for fellowships that support research, language study, study abroad, undergraduate and graduate study, and public service. Some of these fellowships require institutional nomination or endorsement. Prospective applicants compete at the campus level to represent the University of Denver in the national competition. Our Supported Awards include: FulbrightMarshallRhodesMcCall MacBainTrumanGoldwaterBorenUdallNewman Civic Fellowship, Gaither Junior Fellowships, Obama Voyager Scholarship, and much more! 

If you are applying for an award not on this list that requires endorsement, please contact fellowships@du.edu.

Additional Awards

Fellowships are not limited to our list of Supported Awards. We can help you apply for fellowships to support research and experiences after completing your undergraduate studies. These competitions include: NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates, Pickering, Rangel, Luce Scholars, Samvid Scholars and much more!

Fellowship Competitions


Where Else to Look

Searching for fellowships can be overwhelming. We recommend the following resources: