Writing for Wellness: WELL 2100

Course Details

Description: Mental health problems among college students have increased significantly in recent years, and student depression rates have doubled since 2009. However, a growing body of research suggests that many individuals can improve feelings of well-being through a variety of writing practices, including journaling, critical reflection, and expressive writing. Inspired, in part, by Yale University’s most popular course, “The Science of Wellbeing,” this wellness course explores current research on wellbeing, and engages students in the role writing can play in personal, academic, and professional wellness. In this course, students explore academic research on writing for wellness, experiment with wellness writing approaches themselves, and design a wellness writing self-study.

Course Dates: 6/20/22 - 7/17/22

Schedule Type: Online/Asynchronous

CRN: 2235

Credits: 4

Course Instructor: Heather Martin

Instructor E-mail: heather.martin@du.edu

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