Costs and Scholarships

Tuition and Fees

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Interterm is an independent academic period that is separate from the quarters in the traditional academic year. As such, Interterm classes are billed separately from the corresponding quarter. For example, tuition for Winter Interterm and Winter Quarter CAN NOT be combined to reach the 12+ hour discounted rate.

Interterm tuition for 2023-2024 is $1,612 per credit hour, which is consistent with the University of Denver tuition for the 2023-2024 academic year.

All students will be assessed the Student Technology Fee of $4 per credit hour during the Interterm as well. Employee tuition waivers are accepted during the Interterm. Tuition fees apply to all travel courses and are in addition to travel expenses incurred by the student.

Tuition fees apply to all interterm courses, including online, on-campus, and travel courses. Additionally, travel expenses will be incurred as a result of participation in travel courses, and these expenses are in addition to the cost of tuition.

Program Fees

Travel courses typically also include a program fee, which covers various aspects of travel such as accommodations, group meals, transportation, and in-country activities. Program fees apply to all travel courses and are applied to the tuition bill. Program fees vary by course and are non-refundable.

Deposits and Cancellation Fees

Academic Programs does not collect deposits in advance for Interterm courses. However, program fees apply to domestic and international travel courses. In the event a student registers for a course and subsequently drops the course, the program fee will be applied to the student's account. Program fees are non-refundable.


Once registration is completed, a bill will be sent from the Office of the Bursar. Interterm tuition deadlines for the academic year can be found on the Bursar's website.

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Interterm scholarships are available to eligible students. Need-based and merit-based scholarship awards are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are a student that has no financial need, you may apply for a merit-based scholarship by completing the application below as well. Recipients will be notified of the award by e-mail at least one month prior to the beginning of the Interterm or sooner.

Students who are eligible to utilize an employee tuition waiver may either use their tuition waiver or the offered Interterm scholarship. Per DU university policy, they may not use both.

  • Student requirements
    • Be a DU degree-seeking student with a GPA of at least 2.5
    • Have a FAFSA and CSS Profile (undergraduate only) on file and demonstrate need as determined by the Financial Aid Office to qualify for need-based aid
    • If you do not qualify for need-based aid, you must have at least one quarter's worth of credits reported to your DU student account to qualify for merit-based aid

    In some instances, a large number of applications are received before the deadline. Applications are processed in the order that they are received. If you apply and do not hear back within 7-10 business days, then you may receive an email indicating you have been waitlisted.

Scholarship Application

For all spring and winter travel courses, domestic or international, the scholarship application is part of the overall travel course application in DU Passport. Students will only receive a scholarship offer for a travel course if they are accepted into the program.

The scholarship application for on-campus and online courses offered during the Winter and Spring Interterm periods is now closed. Please note that only courses run by University Academic Programs are eligible for this scholarship opportunity. 

NOTE: Please continue to check our website for the most updated course list. As courses are processed they will show up in the scholarship application.

Summer term aid applications all will go through the Office of Financial Aid, not University Academic Programs. You can find more information on the Financial Aid summer aid page

If you have any questions about scholarships, contact Academic Programs at