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Why Teach Interterm

Interterm travel is a great opportunity for students and faculty alike. Interterm instructors are able to teach online, on-campus, or on-site at international locations. You'll develop your own creative curricular options and lead unique experiential courses. If you're the type of educator that loves to connect with students, interterm is an outstanding opportunity to bond with an eager group of students.

Interterm Course Policies

The Interterm Faculty Handbook has the most up-to-date information regarding current deadlines, forms, and resources for proposing a program. Faculty interested in proposing and teaching interterm courses should consult and become familiar with the handbook before proposing a course.

Interterm Course Development

Faculty who are interested in proposing a new faculty-led travel course should consult the course proposal resources and guidelines below. Additionally, faculty proposing new travel courses are required to meet with the UAP Associate Director.

Course Proposal Timelines

For faculty-led travel courses, the ideal planning time for a program is 12-18 months out from the term for which you are proposing. All new and continuing proposals and faculty/staff will be reviewed and approved by the following:

  • Proposer's Chair/Director and Dean
  • Study Abroad Office (Director, Associate Director of International Health, Safety, and Security)
  • University Academic Programs (Vice Provost for Academic Affairs)

Please see the following table for the course proposal deadlines per program term. UAP staff are ready to begin supporting your proposal as early as possible!

Please Submit Course Proposals by:

  • Summer Term - August 1st
  • Winter Interterm - February 1st
  • Spring Interterm - May 1st
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Faculty-Led Travel Courses

The information provided in this section is intended for faculty who, with the support of their department and college/school, would seek the assistance of UAP in the development and administration of a faculty-led travel course.

Course Development Funds and Application

Limited funding may be available to instructors interested in developing new travel courses who need the funds to finalize plans and content. Funding will be permitted based on DU's Travel Expense Policies. For more information on Course Development Fund policies and procedures, please see the Interterm Faculty Handbook.

Upon consulting the Interterm Faculty Handbook, interested faculty should apply for Course Development Funds via the Course Development Funding Application.

Course Proposal Timeline

As mentioned above, course proposals should be submitted 12-18 months out from the term for which you are proposing. Faculty should utilize the timelines below to guide this process:

Course Proposal Checklist

Faculty interested in teaching a faculty-led travel course are responsible for following formalized policies and procedures. In addition to the timeline(s) above, faculty should consult the Faculty-Led Travel Program Proposal Checklist to ensure they are completing all necessary action items and steps.

Submit a Course Proposal

Faculty ready to propose an interterm course should submit the following materials for each term they plan to teach to ensure UAP staff have updated 1) course information 2) syllabi 3) budget information (if applicable):

  • Interterm Course Proposal Form
    • Faculty should use this form to propose courses for the following:
      • Winter Interterm and Spring Interterm: all course formats (on-campus, online/distance, and travel courses)
      • Summer term: short-term travel courses only (faculty interested in teaching on-campus and online courses in the summer term should contact their departments directly.).
    • Note: It is recommended that you review the Course Proposal Form questions in the above Interterm Faculty Handbook (appendix A) BEFORE opening this form to ensure the form does not time out.
  • Course Budget (travel courses only).
    • Note: faculty will submit the budget within the Interterm Course Proposal Form. We recommend that you complete this before starting the above course proposal form.
  • International Travel Program Approval Form (international courses only - required)