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Interterm Eligibility and Course Loads

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Interterm Course Eligibility

All current University of Denver students, faculty, and staff are welcome to enroll in Interterm courses. Students wishing to participate in travel courses must be in good academic standing and must have no student conduct issues. If their GPA is below 2.5, they must request special permission to enroll from Academic Programs and the course instructor.

Students currently enrolled in other colleges/universities may enroll in an Interterm course by obtaining "Special Student Status" from the Office of Admissions or the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Incoming students may not take Interterm courses as their first term of study at DU.

Interterm courses are not available for audit and they cannot be taken for zero credit. Students are not permitted to attend Interterm classes without registration and tuition payment.

Interterm Course Load Policy

Students are strongly discouraged from taking more than one 4 to 5 credit course per Interterm session. Students wishing to take more than one 4-5 credit Interterm course must send a letter of request to for approval. Students should work with their academic advisor to review Interterm course plans.

Tuition and Fees


Tuition fees apply to all travel courses. Travel expenses will be incurred as a result of participation in travel courses, and these expenses are in addition to the cost of tuition.

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Deposits/Cancellation Fees

Academic Programs does not collect deposits in advance for Interterm courses. However, program fees apply to domestic and international travel courses. In the event a student registers for a course and subsequently drops the course, the program fee will be applied to the student's account. Program fees are non-refundable.

Program Fees

Travel courses typically also include a program fee, which covers various aspects of travel such as accommodations, group meals, transportation, and in-country activities. Program fees apply to all travel courses and are be applied to the tuition bill. Program fees vary by course and are non-refundable.

Dropping or Canceled Courses

Dropping a Course

Contact Academic Programs directly to drop an Interterm course. Tuition refunds are available only if courses are dropped before midnight on the first day of class (see myDU for individual course dates). Program fees for travel courses are non-refundable.

Canceled Courses

Courses may be canceled due to a lack of enrollment. This is the only instance in which a program fee will be refunded. Academic Programs reserves the right to cancel any course and cannot be held responsible for travel expenses related to a canceled course. Travel Information

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Travel Information

Travel Accommodations

Students are responsible for all expenses related to travel, including flight, food, etc. Students are responsible for booking their own flights. Faculty teaching travel courses will be in contact about preferred travel details and plans prior to the course start date.

Required Travel Documents and Waivers

Students are responsible for obtaining the proper documents required for domestic and international travel. This includes a valid state ID for domestic travel, and visas and passports for international travel. To find out what documents are necessary for your travel, U.S. citizens should contact the Department of State and international students should contact their local embassy. If traveling internationally, you will be required to enter your personal details into the abroad system, DU Passport

All students participating in a travel course must sign a Risk and Release Waiver prior to attending the course. This form will be made available in DU Passport once students have committed to participating in the course. If you have any questions regarding documents required for your participation in a travel course, contact Academic Programs at

Disability Accommodations

As our commitment to creating an atmosphere of inclusivity and diversity, we support our University of Denver (DU) students to participate in Interterm courses and activities. The Disability Services Program and DU staff are essential components of this effort. Please contact Academic Programs at to begin this process for any accommodations needed while participating in an Interterm course. Keep in mind that we will need at least two (2) months' notice to begin this process, especially for Interterm travel courses.