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My experience as a CCESL Community-Engaged Fellow

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By: Lusungu Chirambo, Community-Engaged Fellow | MA in Development Economics & International Development

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Working on my project with the fellows’ program has been one of the most remarkable experiences at DU. After being accepted into the program, I had mixed feelings because I thought it is something that I couldn’t manage. On the other hand, the mixed feelings came about as this was my first time working in a different cultural diversity set-up. I received overwhelming support beginning from the top-level management which was contrary to my inner fears. This really boosted up my confidence.

My 4 months working in the fellows’ program has been rewarding. I have developed skills in community engagement such as interpersonal skills which I believe will be an ideal for me even after graduating from DU. I have also come to appreciate the need for individuals to get involved in community engagement within different programs and platforms. Working with Girl Scouts of Colorado (GSCO) is also something rewarding for me as it has fueled my passion of helping girls realize they can become anything they want to become in life without anyone stopping them. I can’t say enough on how the fellows’ program has been an awesome experience and how I am now able to communicate with a diverse group of people in a team setting and virtual platforms.


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