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Highlighting Scholar Shop and Successful Partnerships

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Interested in collaborating with local organizations? Want to address issues in the community but not sure where to start?  

This month we’re highlighting Scholar Shop at CCESL! Scholar Shop is a platform that connects students, faculty, and staff with local organizations to collaborate on projects that address community-identified interests. Each Scholar Shop project is based on a project idea first proposed by an organization then further explored with a student and/or faculty partner. Collaborations over the past years have included creative work, research, and data collection which have addressed a myriad of topics such as food equity, arts education, mental health, and more.   

How does it work?   

Once you’ve expressed interest in a Scholar Shop collaboration, we’ll identify and connect you to those whose interests align and have relevant experience. Once a team has been “matched,” the work can begin!   

How to Get Started  

Students, faculty, & staff can use the Scholar Shop Community Partners database to see our current community partners and the projects they actively need help with. Organizations interested in becoming a community partner and being listed in the database can reach out to the Scholar Shop Coordinator at  

To get started or to learn more, visit the CCESL Scholar Shop page.  

Scholar Shop Past Projects  

Read two stories on how students utilized Scholar Shop to find a community partner to collaborate with.   

Bridging Learning and Doing: Evaluating for the Greater Good – Public Good Impact — Erin Haseley and Robyn Thomas Pitts partnered with A Little Help through the Scholar Shop to help to the organization through evaluation technical assistance by DU Graduate Students in The Evaluating for the Greater Good Fellowship. 

A Resource for Victim Service Agencies Looking for Research Findings – Trauma Research Notes — Kelly Miller details her journey at DU and developing an interest in victim advocacy. She was able to partner with Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance through a connection made by the Scholar Shop.