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Faculty Alert: Why Activity Insight Matters for CCESL

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At CCESL, we field questions regularly about the breadth and depth of faculty community engagement. Say, how many community-engaged courses are offered at DU? Or how many scholarly products are produced with support from Public Good Funds? 

More often than not, we are certain that our answers dramatically under-estimate the real scope of DU faculty’s community-engaged work. 

But you can help solve this problem today! 

Here’s how you can track the impact of community-engaged and CCESL-related activities across teaching, research, and creative work in Activity Insight: 

Teaching:  Under Scheduled Teaching, you can choose to edit each of your courses. Within that edit function, you’ll see a series of questions, including a few that get at service learning. This information will be invaluable in our efforts to monitor the scope of service learning at DU. Here’s a sneak peek: 

Screenshot of CCESL questionnaire

Intellectual Contributions: For each new intellectual contribution (e.g., presentation, performance, publication, etc.), you can indicate if the work was supported by funds from CCESL and/or the Public Good Fund.  

Screenshot of CCESL questionnaire

While you’re at it, please also consider updating your Affiliations to include CCESL. To do so, 

  • Go to “Edit Web Profile” 

  • Scroll down to “Additional Affiliations” 

  • Select CCESL and save your changes 

The time you take to track these things matters. Many of the traditional scholarship success markers, such as publications, come to fruition long past closing out a grant or wrapping up a class. Without the information that you track, we are limited in our ability to characterize the impact of the CCESL programs and funds on faculty development. 

Thank you for helping us tell the story of DU’s community engagement for the public good!