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Enhancing Community Health and Wealth: My Journey with CCESL's Valverde Movement Project

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By: Ally Langston, CCESL Student Scholar

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During my time with CCESL, I had the privilege of contributing to the Valverde Movement Project, a transformative initiative aimed at fostering community health and wealth in Denver’s Valverde neighborhood. By collaborating with team members, I played a role in amplifying community engagement through various methods.  

One of the key responsibilities I undertook was assisting in the creation and implementation of a quarterly newsletter. This newsletter served as a tool for connecting Valverde residents, informing them about upcoming events, and fostering a sense of community. Additionally, I utilized my creative skills to design digital content using Canva, enhancing the visual appeal of promotional materials for in-person events.  

One of the standout moments of my experience was participating in the Mother’s Day celebration on May 7th at Florence Crittenton High School. This event provided a platform for meaningful interaction with the women of the school, allowing us to gather invaluable feedback directly from the community members. These insights are key in shaping future initiatives and tailoring efforts to meet the specific needs of the residents.  

Throughout my journey with the Valverde Movement Project, I have also acquired lessons in community engagement, collaboration, and feedback acquisition. Working closely with diverse collaborators, I honed an ability to navigate complex dynamics and forge meaningful partnerships grounded in mutual respect and shared goals. Moreover, this experience broadening my understanding of the socio-economic dynamics at play in neighborhoods across the United States. Witnessing first-hand how laws and policies impact individuals at the grassroots level has deepened my commitment to advocating for equitable change and addressing systemic injustices.  

To conclude, my journey with CCESL’s Valverde Movement Project has been profoundly enriching, both personally and professionally. It has equipped me with the skills, insights, and passion needed to continue making a positive impact in communities and striving towards a more just and inclusive society.