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Engaging Veterans Through A Community Table

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By: Lexie Graham, DU History Department alumna

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The DU History Department sponsored a vibrant, rewarding Community Table, highlighting the DU Veterans Legacy Program (VLP). The discussion included six veterans from different generations of service, including the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts; five student DU VLP researchers and History majors (Jessie Asay, Renissa Gannie, Geoffry Monteith, Caroline Rainbolt-Forbes and Laurel Schlegel); History alumna facilitator, Lexie Graham; and History faculty member Dr. Elizabeth Escobedo. 

The team envisioned the Community Table to create intergenerational dialogue and give veterans a space to share their experiences. After almost two hours of conversation, it is safe to say those goals were met. Covering topics ranging from lessons learned during service, opportunities and challenges after service, and veterans’ personal and professional legacies, VLP student researchers engaged with veterans on an intimate level. Veterans were able to share their wisdom with students and several laughs and moments of understanding with fellow veterans who served during different times. The Community Table also allowed for veterans to help shape VLP research trajectories and the direction of future projects, and for students to understand better veteran issues, concerns, and struggles in the present day. 

According to veteran participants, last night’s Community Table was a resounding success! 

For more information on the VLP program, please see the DU VLP website: