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Connecting Change-Makers: Centering Antiracism in Community-University Partnerships Forum

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On January 20th, DU Grand Challenges hosted the Centering Antiracism in Community-University Partnerships Forum. The forum featured lightning talks by four members of the Farmworker Advocacy Project. The speakers were Kasey Neiss, Data Activist and Systems Manager for Frontline Farming; Alejandro Cerón, Associate Professor in the Anthropology department; Gabrielle Hyde, 4th Year Student, majoring in Anthropology; and Zoi Johns, 3rd Year Student, majoring in Anthropology and International Relations. 

The lightning talks focused on collaboration for farm workers’ human rights which then set the stage for breakout room conversations about antiracism and action among forum attendees. 

Click here to watch the recording of the forum and hear what these four amazing speakers had to say!