Leadership Minor

Can leadership be learned? We think so.

PLP's curriculum offers an engaging approach to the formal study of leadership, and leadership development itself, utilizing the classroom, expert regional leaders, site visits, community-based initiatives, retreats and internships. This impactful academic and experience-based program leads to a 24-credit minor in Leadership Studies that spans the four year DU experience. 

PLP students engage in intellectually challenging courses, complex issue discussions, group projects, community service, and internships.  Students meet, listen, and engage with local and nationally known community, business, and public leaders to gain current applications and understanding of leadership challenges. 

During the first year, students live and take a leadership class together, creating a distinctive learning community experience.  They form an instant community of friendship, learning and service when they arrive at the university.   

During the second year, students are engaged in a community change initiative project where they work with community partners and learn about social responsibility to amplify community assets. PLP students also start engaging in community-learning activities to learn about themselves, leadership, critical-service learning and community in their first two years.   In the following junior and senior years, PLP students create an individualized plan for their elective studies, a capstone ethics course and often an internship.

Credit Breakdown


  • Inclusive Leadership (Fall, 2 credits) 
  • Teaming for Social Change (Winter, 2 credits) 
  • Leadership and Social Movements (Spring, 2 credits) 
  • Community Field Placement Program (Year-long service-learning placement) 


  • Leading Community Change (Fall, 4 credits) 
  • Collaborative Leadership: Local Communities (Winter, 2 credits) 
  • Collaborative Leadership: Global Communities (Spring, 2 credits) 
  • Community Change Initiative (Year-long group service-learning project) 

YEARS 3 & 4

  • Capstone: Leadership Ethics (4 credits) 
  • Electives: (6 credits, may include electives to support the major, study abroad and internship credits) 
  • Study Abroad Options 
  • Internship and Mentoring Opportunities