Leadership Minor

Can leadership be learned? We think so.


PLP begins with a learning community residence in Dimond Family Residential Village. Students enroll in LDRS 2017, 2019, and 2021 respectively for each of the three quarters. These courses focus on exploring inclusive leadership theories and concepts, personal reflections, principles of effective teaming and the examination of leadership and social change. Residential living, co-curricular events and speakers, retreats and community engaged service complement the academic foundation.  Community year-long learning placements, near peer relationships, and mentoring provide excellent opportunities to grow and contribute to the community.

  • LDRS 2017: Inclusive Leadership (Fall, 2 credits) 
  • LDRS 2019: Teaming for Social Change (Winter, 2 credits) 
  • LDRS 2021: Leadership and Social Movements (Spring, 2 credits) 
  • Community Field Placement Program (Year-long service-learning placement) 


Students are deeply engaged with a team addressing a local issue in the community through completing a year-long Community Change Initiative (CCI). Student teams work with key community stakeholders to envision, develop, and carry out a significant engagement project that addresses an important issue in a community.  The three courses during this year help to deepen understanding of community issues, self-awareness, and communication skills that facilitate effective team and community engaged work. This transformative project is often noted as one of the most significant learning experiences in PLP. Workshops, community partners and faculty coaches enhance this extraordinary learning opportunity.  And of course, co-curricular events and speakers, retreats, and mentoring opportunities abound to enliven your second year.

  • LDRS 2040: Leading Community Change (Fall, 4 credits) 
  • LRDS 2050: Collaborative Leadership: Local Communities (Winter, 2 credits) 
  • LDRS 2060: Collaborative Leadership: Global Communities (Spring, 2 credits) 
  • Community Change Initiative (Year-long group service-learning project) 

YEARS 3 & 4

The minor is completed with the addition of 6 elective credits and the Leadership Capstone (LDRS 3000) class taken in any quarter of the third and fourth years.  These additional courses allow students to tailor their minor to enhance their personal career focus and life goals.  We are proud to be celebrating 27 years of faculty, administrators, staff, community members, and students coming together to create a unique and distinctive schedule of studies and experiences focused on leadership, community engaged service, and ethics.

  • LDRS 3000: Capstone: Leadership Ethics (4 credits) 
  • Electives: (6 credits, may include electives to support the major, study abroad and internship credits) 
  • Interterm Options: Belize and Ireland
  • Internship and Mentoring Opportunities