Program Benefits

The Benefits of PLP

PLP is a unique academic and residential leadership program, designed to encourage students to study, practice, and experience leadership as it relates to campus, community, personal and professional life. PLP helps students to develop an awareness of their strengths and discover their leadership and life passions. 

As a member of PLP, you will have the opportunity to learn with other students who share a similar interest in leadership development. We hope you are ready for an intellectual and personal leadership challenge! PLP will provide you with the opportunity to learn about inclusive leadership in the classroom, as you pursue active leadership and community-learning opportunities on campus and off. 

You will be part of a unique community of leadership learning that provides an environment of motivated, committed, and like-minded students. You will create relationships that allow deeper and more sustainable classroom projects, campus involvement, and community partnerships.  

As a PLP student, you will develop your own leadership style and experience how the best leaders work collectively in the pursuit for the greater good.   

Be part of a robust living community  

  • Develop outstanding communication, organizational, and leadership skills  
  • Learn how to create social change, embracing challenges and grabbling with the complexities of our world.  
  • Graduate from college with an academic minor in Leadership Studies  
  • Grow a network of life-long friends 

Become an inclusive leader for a socially-just world with PLP.

A strong support system in college is one of the most important things to have, and PLP has provided that. Not only do I have a strong community with other students, I also have strong relationships with my professors.

Janeth, Student, Class of 2021
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