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    Wondering if you are on track to graduate with University Honors?

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    Finished with your distinction requirements? Please be sure to submit your distinction verification form so that we can approve you to graduate with University Honors.  This form is due by Week 7 of your graduating quarter.

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  • Honors Contract

    If scheduling prevents you from taking an Honors AISC/SISC/ASEM course, you may propose an "H contract," designed in collaboration with the instructor of a "regular" section of AISC/SISC/ASEM. Requires approval from Program Director, Program Manager, and/or Honors Council.

    Honors Contract Proposal Form

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  • Preisendanz-Schmid Scholarship

    The Preisendanz-Schmid Scholarship provides financial support to one exemplary member of the Honors Program entering the senior year.  Students are nominated each spring by professors and peers in recognition of their academic and community achievements in the Honors Program.  The student must be in good academic standing, on their way to fulfilling all of their honors requirements, and have unmet need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid.  The scholarship was established by Honors Program alumna Donna M. Schmid (Psychology, ’78) in memory of her parents and grandparents.

Honors Peer Mentors

Photo of Alisa

Major: International Business
Minors: Leadership Studies
Fav Thing about DU Honors: "I love that DU Honors has early registration and all of the fun events they host!"
"Geeks Out" About: I am a huge Marvel fan! I watched all of them in MCU order last Summer and basically count down the days until a new Marvel movie comes out.
Involved With: PLP, Consulting Club

Photo of Audry

Major: Biological Sciences
Minors: Chemistry, French, Leadership
Fav Thing about DU Honors: "The events! everyone is so nice and we get to see some really cool spots around Denver"
"Geeks Out" About: "I can play the bagpipes!"
Involved With: French Club, PLP, Undergraduate Research

Photo of Claire

Major: Psychology
Minors: Entrepreneurship & Spanish
Fav Thing about DU Honors: "The community and small classes!"
"Geeks Out" About: "Hiking, running, Harry Potter, Emergency Medicine​​​​​​​"
Involved With: DU EMS, Club Soccer, Research

Photo of Hadley

Major: Biology​​​​​​​
Minors: Business Admin​​​​​​​
Fav Thing about DU Honors: "The discussion based courses that are offered and the nice lounge space open to honors students!"
"Geeks Out" About: "Cooking!​​​​​​​"
Involved With: DU club lacrosse, greek life and pre health society

Photo of Kati

Major: Business Analytics​​​​​​​
Fav Thing about DU Honors: Honors classes with friends
"Geeks Out" About: "Books!​​​​​​​"
Involved With: DU Club Gymnastics, Delta Zeta

Photo of Kip

Major: International Studies, German​​​​​​​
Minors: Russian, Economics​​​​​​​
Fav Thing about DU Honors: "Access to great Honors-only courses"
"Geeks Out" About: "Languages and etymology​​​​​​​"


Photo of Angie

Major: International Studies
Minors: Chinese, Geography, Leadership
Fav Thing about DU Honors: "The HSEMs and the detail we can go into our classes, plus the amazing staff"
"Geeks Out" About: Music, classical or EDM, game of thrones, marvel, DC, especially female superheroes, fashion, markets and stocks
Involved With: PLP, DZ, Boettcher, First Bank scholars

Image of Caitlyn

Major: International Studies
Minors: Middle East Studies, Journalism, and Leadership
Fav Thing about DU Honors: Funding for undergraduate research
"Geeks Out" About: Anything War Studies, Intelligence & Energy Security
Involved With: Model UN, IGNITE, Pioneer Leadership Program

Photo of Emily

Major: Marketing, 4+1 Finance
Minors: Finance, Leadership Studies
Fav Thing about DU Honors: Small size interesting classes
"Geeks Out" About: Diamond art, music, skiing, hiking
Involved With: PLP, Consulting Club, Women in Business

Photo of Jasmin

Major: Business
Minors: Japanese Language, Leadership Studies​​​​​​​
Fav Thing about DU Honors: "Definitely my peers and the environment of the classroom"
"Geeks Out" About: Music
Involved With: Asian Student Alliance, Women in Business, Colorado Women's College, & Daniel's College of Business

Photo of Keely

Major: Biology, Psychology
Minors: Chemistry, Sociology
Fav Thing about DU Honors: "The friends I’ve met!"
"Geeks Out" About: True crime
Involved With: Barista at Beans, pre-health society, gamma phi beta

Photo of Nicole

Major: Biology, Gender and Women's Studies
Minors: Chemistry, Psychology
Fav Thing about DU Honors: "Interesting classes"
"Geeks Out" About: llamas, thrifting, neuroscience​​​​​​​
Involved With: Spit lab, STEM mentoring, pre-med


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Founded in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa is the nation's first Greek-letter organization, and most prestigious academic honor society.

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