Partners in Scholarship (PinS)

What is PinS?

Partners in Scholarship (PinS) provides a unique opportunity for students to collaborate on a project with a faculty member. Students should work with the faculty partner to develop a detailed project plan. While most partnerships involve one-to-one work with a faculty member, students can work with multiple faculty members or with other students. If working with other students, each student must submit an application stating his/her personal contribution to the project and is eligible to receive $1,500. All projects must be finished by June 1st of the academic year/the end of the fiscal year. The URC cannot fund tuition, internships, service learning, classes, or lessons. Funding may be considered for research-related travel. For more questions, contact

PinS and Summer Research Grant Requirements

All PinS and Summer Research Grant applicants ARE REQUIRED to review the webinar recording from The Writing Center prior to submitting a proposal. The updated recording link can be found on the Writing Center's Portfolio site where you can also find helpful resources for writing your proposal.