Why Have a First-Year Seminar?

Your first year of college is an important period of transition--and that's something you should be excited about! You'll meet new people, learn new things, and explore life as an adult.

But, you'll also have more responsibilities. Living on your own, managing your coursework, and participating in academic life is no easy feat. Luckily, the University of Denver has countless resources at your disposal to help with this transition and your education as a whole.

To help you thrive in all of your classes, we created the First-Year Seminar program (FSEM). The centerpiece of FSEM is a small, topics-based seminar that you will take in the fall of your first year. Alongside other first-year students, you'll take a deep dive into pressing topics, and learn about the norms and expectations for intellectual life on campus. Inside the classroom, FSEM professors are expert researchers and practitioners. Outside the classroom, they are your trusted guides, helping you navigate university channels and access various networks of support.

Students standing near each other having a conversation

First-Year Seminars Tailored to You

Because we know that all DU students are unique, DU offers First-Year Seminars on a rich variety of topics, from zombies to xenophobia, from string theory to the Sand Creek Massacre. While some courses may emphasize writing, others emphasize lab or field work. Students choose the course, and passionate professors chart the journey.

In FSEM, professors teach to their passions and draw on their own leading-edge research. Each year, professors from across academic disciplines craft innovative new courses that respond to and engage our changing world.

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