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Funded by the $10 million Marsico Initiative to enhance undergraduate education in the arts and sciences, the University of Denver fully implemented the First-Year Seminar in 2006. Each year, more than 80 faculty members from across the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences division and the Natural Sciences & Mathematics division devote their time and energy to the FSEM program. Course proposals are reviewed by the faculty FSEM committee.

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Program Staff

Heather Martin, PhD
Faculty Director, First-Year Seminar Program

Dr. Heather Martin is a teaching professor in the Writing program. She earned a Ph.D. in English from the University of Denver in 2011 and has spent her career working with first-year students. Dr. Martin has been contributing to the FSEM program since its inception, and her current FSEM course, "Design Your DU," centers on the University's signature 4D student experience. As faculty director, Dr. Martin oversees faculty development, curricular changes, and program assessment.

Monica Kosanovich, PhD
Director, Academic Programs

Dr. Monica Kosanovich came to the University of Denver to purse her master's degree in 1999. She was appointed the position of Interim Associate Director of Commuter, Graduate, and Non-Traditional student services in campus life and upon completion of the higher education student development program she began her career as the Alumni Student Director & Coordinator of Special Events. She moved over to be the coordinator of the Marsico Initiative in 2003 and found her passion working with faculty and administrators to improve the undergraduate experience at DU. Over her career positions around campus have included the Assistant Director of the HERS institute, the Interim Director of Enrollments and Budgets at the Women's College, and the Director of Finance and Operations in Executive Education at the Daniels College of Business.

Dr. Kosanovich completed her PhD in 2019 from Clemson University. Her dissertation research focused on the impacts of Colorado's Outcomes Based Funding legislation (HB14-1319) on decision making of senior administrators at doctoral granting research institutions across the state. Her dissertation was nominated for the dissertation of the year award from the National Education Finance Academy by Clemson College of Education faculty. Dr. Kosanovich also has an interest in access to education, student persistence, and the future of higher education.

As the Interim Associate Director of Academic Programs Monica will support the First-Year Seminar program, the Undergraduate Research Center, and Interterm Program for the Provost's Office.

Grace Warner
Assistant Director, Academic Programs

Grace Warner is a graduate from the University of Denver, class of 2018, with double Bachelor of Arts degrees in Biological Sciences and International Studies. She is originally from Indianapolis, IN and hopes in the future to pursue a graduate degree in Global or Public Health with a specialization in Microbiology or Virology. Grace hopes to integrate her knowledge of human biology and international relations to navigate difficult issues surrounding international health crises while pursuing her passion for community-based development and the environment. After spending the last four years pursuing her education at DU, Grace now looks forward to growing as a professional and giving back to the DU community. As Program Coordinator for University Academic Programs, Grace provides programmatic support for the First-Year Seminar program, the Undergraduate Research Center, the Office of Teaching and Learning, and Interterm programming.